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Antonov An-34


The transport plane An-34 was designed Antonov Design Bureau for military transport. They planned to transport cargo or military forces, some fine-tuning of the cargo compartment could allow the transportation of wounded soldiers. Besides all this, he could serve as a bomber.

History of the AN-34

Antonov An-34 was established on the basis of the device An-24. The main change was the replacement of the passenger compartment in the cargo bay, where they spent strengthening the floor using plywood. For easy loading in the starboard cargo door was installed. For the first time the plane took off in the autumn of 1962 years running test Y. Kurilin and copilot AM Tsygankov. On state testing machine was handed over in the summer of 62 years. During state testing revealed many shortcomings and defects. Because of this, in 1965 was created second machine of this type, but based on the comments of the Commission.


The main change was the replacement of the floor in the cargo and equipment to the metal car cargo hatch in the rear. To speed up the loading of the aircraft had a loading system, which is attached to the ceiling. To transport the paratroopers were provided folding seats along the sides of the aircraft. This car was made for long-haul flights, so the unit had increased fuel capacity.

Chief designer of the project An-34 was appointed VA Sumtsov. Modified car was sent to state testing in the summer of 65 years. At the end of the state test and verify the quality of the car was transferred to series production. Production of the AN-34 engaged in an aircraft factory in Irkutsk to 1965 years. Antonov An-34 6 produced for years, during which time it was created 226 aircraft, which included modifications that were designated as AN-24RT.

Features An-34 constructions

The aircraft is equipped with two turboprop engines and built under the scheme vysokoplana. The wings have a straight shape. Housing unit - semi-monocoque with odnokilevym plumage. The entire power structure body is made of a set of stringers crossing beams. A special feature is that the assembly does not use rivets, and kleesvarnoe connection. The cross section of the housing consists of two arcs which have different diameters.

In front of the housing is placed cockpit, behind her is the cargo bay. It ends cargo door, which has a size of at 1,4 2,72 meters.

The wing is made in style with coffered high aspect ratio and has the form of a trapezoid. The wing consists of two side members. Flaps on the center have odnoschelevuyu structure and the flaps on consoles sliding, double-slotted. Consoles have two aileron split structure. The tail of the car has a standard tail with the keel beneath the fuselage.

Landing gear was represented by three pillars with dual wheels. They had a pneumatic system, which could change the tire pressure during the flight and on the ground.

The power plant was represented by two turboprop engines with the designation of the type AI-24T. They set in motion The four-bolts type AB-72T. Starting the engine produces a separate standalone system trigger TG-16. The screws have a diameter of 3,9 meters. During takeoff engines were given the power to 2,55 thousand horsepower. Cruising speed of this machine was 450 km / h, while the maximum - almost 550 km / h. This machine could go up to a height of 8 kilometers. The fuel system consisted of four tanks that were placed in the center section machine. They can fill almost 5 tons of fuel. With full fuel filling enough for a flight to 1890 kilometers. The practical range of the aircraft was 620 kilometers.

To service the aircraft required a crew of four. Antonov An-34 could carry loads of up to 5 37 tons or soldiers, and let the machine weighs almost 15 tons. When transporting paratroopers aboard their number could reach 33 people with full ammunition. Sanitary apparatus of this type could place 24 wounded soldier on a stretcher.

The machine had two major modifications. One was made as a flying laboratory that conducted the monitoring areas and found subs. There was also made a model equipped with the new engines of the type EN-19A. This machine was designed for military missions.

In 2001 years 139 were in operation of the machine type AN-34, and today this unit is actively used in the CIS countries and abroad.

An-34 characteristics:

  • Crew: 4 person

  • Passenger capacity: 37 soldier or Marine 33, 24 or wounded on stretchers.

  • Capacity: 5000 kilos

  • Length: 23,53 meters

  • Height: 8,32 meters

  • Wingspan: 29,20 meters

  • Wing area: 74,98 meters2

  • Empty weight: 14490 kilos

  • Normal takeoff weight: 20000 kilos

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 21000 kilos

  • The weight of fuel in internal tanks: 4790 kilos

  • Powerplant: 2 x TMD AI-24T

  • Engine power: 2 x 2550 (2 x 1876)

  • The propeller: AV 72T

  • Screw diameter: 6,20 meters


Flight characteristics of the An-34

  • Maximum speed: 540 km / h

  • Cruising speed: 450 km / h

  • Practical range: 620 km

  • Ferry range: 1890 km

  • Service ceiling: 8000 meters

  • Takeoff run: 640 meters

  • Length of run: 610 meters



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Good cargo plane. Yes, this time slower, but the equipment is not perfect, not eco-friendly, as there have already noticed, but reliable! And this is the main feature, which does not even boast every modern aircraft.

Equipment made in the USSR is very high quality. Above the manufacturer every detail was gang masters who valued their work, because it was prepared for decent money. Now the situation has changed radically. Automated production displaces human labor and it affects the quality, though many disagree with me.

See airline need not in terms of its environmental performance, and destination and versatility. Against the background of industrial enterprises air pollution aircraft - a drop in the sea. An-34 truly universal, and thus it is actively used for over 50 years.

For 60-ies, when the aircraft was built, it can and has been good, but now it can only be used a third world country, modern standards of certification unit will not take place on the basis of its environmental performance.

I remember a funny incident when I was flying AN-24 out of. Kunashir. Once everyone was seated, the pilot began to run engines. On the front seat sat two yankesa. After unwinding the screws on the fuselage vibration passed such that the two curled, clasped his head to his knees and in a position flying to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk! In general, I like the airplane, there are schools, but overall a decent machine!