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Aisheng ASN-209. Specifications. A photo.
Aisheng ASN-209. Specifications. A photo.

Aisheng ASN-209. Specifications. A photo.


Aisheng ASN-209 - Chinese unmanned aerial vehicle multipurpose cproektirovanny in 2009, the «Xi'an ASN Technology Group» Chinese company.


UAVAisheng ASN-209


Military drone model Aisheng ASN-209 was designed to perform a variety of targets, including the exploration of the terrain, perform patrol and surveillance flights, the implementation of search operations, electronic warfare, signals intelligence, as well as the adjustment of artillery fire. Due to quality and qualified approach, the Chinese experts in the field of aerospace managed not only to ensure the wide use of this drone, but also to minimize its real value by making highly competitive compared to unmanned military equipment manufactured western countries.


A photoAisheng ASN-209


UAV Aisheng ASN-209 equipped with a powerful engine that allows drone to develop a high speed of its flight, which can reach values ​​in 180 km \ h., At the same time, an unmanned aerial vehicle can perform flights on distances of up to 200 kilometers, however, it is limited to a maximum range action control equipment, while at UAV may be autonomous flight mode to 10 hours.


Launching the droneAisheng ASN-209


UAV Aisheng ASN-209 is equipped with two types of cameras - infrared, which allows to observe the terrain and objects at night, and electro, delivers high fidelity images during the day, at the same time, the UAV Aisheng ASN-209 can independently process the data, sending only a selected information directly on the operator panel.

Launching UAV Aisheng ASN-209 carried out by a special pneumatic catapult.


Specifications Aisheng ASN-209.


  • Length: 4,27 m .;
  • Wingspan: 7,5 m .;
  • Height: 1,54 m .;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 320 kg .;
  • Cruising flight speed: 140 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight speed: 180 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight distance: 200 km .;
  • Maximum flight height: 5000 m .;
  • aircraft engine type: unknown;
  • Powerplant: unknown;
  • Power: unknown.


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