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Russian Airline


In Simferopol, an airplane of the airline "Russia"

The Rossiya airplane made an emergency landing in Simferopol.

As the press service of Simferopol airport informs, on the eve of the day, the Rossiya passenger plane, flying from St. Petersburg, made an emergency landing at Simferopol airport due to the failure of one of the engines. Despite all the danger of the situation, it was possible to avoid any consequences, however, the aircraft could not independently reach the parking place due to technical problems.

As a result of the accident itself, no one was hurt, while the circumstances of the engine failure are still unknown - there have been no official comments on this from representatives of the Rossiya carrier to the editorial board of the portal.


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There was no engine failure! Failure of the main hydraulic system and not release from the first time, the front rack of the chassis!

All lies! On the site, no aircraft had an emergency