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Delhi Airport


Airlines drop on the inhabitants of Delhi tons of excrement

Residents of Delhi accused air carriers of dropping excrement.

According to residents of one of the outlying areas of Delhi, local air carriers not only violate the ecology in their area, but in fact, disrespectful to the residents of the capital, dropping excrement on them during the landing. In fact, residents of one of the districts were able to provide evidence to their words, and now, local authorities are checking airlines on the facts of dumping the contents of the aircraft's toilet rooms into residential buildings.

Experts believe that similarly, air carriers want to reduce their costs for cleaning the contents of toilets, completely forgetting about any ethics, and violating the rules of flying.


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Ну смешно же, там ведь клапан, который открыть можно только снаружи, не летают же они с открытым клапаном. Такое возможно, только если бак с отходами оказался негерметичным.

А как это возможно в полете?