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Zhukovsky Experimental Machine-Building Plant named after VM Myasishcheva
Zhukovsky Experimental Machine-Building Plant named after VM Myasishcheva

Zhukovsky Experimental Machine-Building Plant named after VM Myasishcheva

napravdeniya EMZM

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It founded the factory in 1966 by order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR. In 1967 year went the full construction of the two plants are not large branch, made a great one. Head became famous person for aviation - Myasischev. By the way, he was the host of one of the branches, which has been redesigned. Myasishcheva account such developments: the supersonic aircraft M-50, bombers DVB-102 and M-4. From the middle of 1951 years, the factory led the director begins to create parts for spaceships. In the future, these items will be the key for the ships, and without the existence of space flight will be impossible.

EMZM current projects

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1976 was a landmark year for all workers of the enterprise, namely, the plant included in a group of designers to develop spacecraft and transport aircraft. As to the second development, the Myasischev offered a basis to take the plane M-4, which greatly simplifies the progress, speed, as well as significantly reduce the country's budget. The idea was later approved and successfully embodied in life. October 14 1978 years, the world has not become Myasishcheva, the news stunned state, and also had to find a new director for the EMR.

Until the middle of the year 1978 plant led Mikoyan, but a month later the board, it was decided to give the student the previous Director - Fedotov. He understood better than anyone else in the aviation industry of all the candidates, as well as tighter all worked with Myasishchev, which contributed to the same job as a teacher and original ideas that will only benefit the USSR. Since early June the plant has a proud and deserved having VM Myasischev.

Plane EMZM

In 1981 year completes the acclaimed design of the aircraft VM-T "Atlant", we were immediately carried out test flights, which were successful. A year and a half out an upgraded model, namely: VM-T "Atlant" to "back". But this does not mean that the first model will be eliminated, quite the contrary, they complement each other. As a result, a couple of planes made 152 flight by which moved all the necessary components for the spacecraft to Baikonur.

At about the same time as the aircraft Tu-M has been created yet another unique project, such as high-altitude aircraft M-17 "stratosphere". The uniqueness of this development is the fact that by the year 1989, 25 he broke the world record, which is a huge achievement for the entire Soviet Union.

In 1986 year, the director becomes Novikov. As he leaves the leadership improved model "stratosphere" - the plane M-55 "Geophysics", which also did not go unnoticed, to his credit 16 beaten world records.

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