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Plant №410 civil aviation
Plant №410 civil aviation

Plant №410 civil aviation



STATE ENTERPRISE "PLANT 410 GA" is an aircraft repair powerful enterprise - one of the main today the former Soviet Union, performing general repairs for more than forty thousand aircraft engines, as well as six thousand airplanes, having the reputation of a reliable and stable partner. The plant produced fruitful work on quite a deep modernization of the An and An-32-26 aircraft operating in the Russian Federation, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the European Union. This activity on the use of air navigation modern equipment, installation of the dangerous proximity of land and the dangerous proximity of aircraft, as well as emergency beacons.

Plant №410 civil aviation


With the emergence of new trends in the aviation industry, as well as in connection with all the increasing needs and demands, it is a topical question today shortage of aircraft so-called "regional contemporary class." In particular, we are talking about the implementation and development, together with the developers of civil enterprise "Antonov" and Open Joint Stock Company "Motor Sich", A project aimed at changing the An-26 airplane An-26M option. As a result, the project An-26M (traffic light aircraft Regional class motor-TV3 117VMA-SBM1) will be an improved version of the military-transport aircraft An-26, fitted at the moment by two turboprop engines AI-24VT.

Already at this point, many operators of aircraft of type AN-26 and airlines are ready to make this improvement, since this stage requires a much lower cost compared to the purchase of a new medium- or short-haul aircraft. Taking into account the feasibility study for the project, and is much more effective use of modern version of the aircraft, which will enable comply with ICAO requirements on emission of harmful substances and noise by opening the skies for An EU-26M.

Plant №410 civil aviation


Possessing a wealth of experience in the restoration of aircraft engine D-36, the plant has all the possibilities to establish techniques of Western production. This also applies to motor SPS-56, after which the repair works on almost all parameters capable of passing the test based on the already running engine-testing station plant. Also established development 120 series engine Pratt & Whitney 100, used on airplanes ATR-72, ATR-42 ,, as well as in the production of aircraft Bombardier Dash-8.

At the initial stage of the introduction to the work of the technical adjustment of modern aviation equipment type are always unforeseen and expected complexity. It is necessary to further training, the appropriate certification. On the organization of production borne high costs in connection with the purchase of hardware and equipment, new technologies.

This strategy makes it possible to supply a complete work of all employees. The question of recruitment is acute in various specialties. It is significant that among workers became much larger percentage of young people. Only in the last year it hired two hundred young workers. Revived the tradition of the company transmitting from generation to generation.

Plant №410 civil aviation


Youth ceases "under the wing" honored mature professionals. Already the third generation change occurs - are employees under one name, so to speak labor dynasties. As a result, skilled workers gain new knowledge, the plant receives the orders, while the aircraft appear renewed heart. Methods of plant management gave the team the opportunity to feel comfortable and confident, and the management can take care of the team, there were almost two thousand.

Considerable attention in the general plan of development of the enterprise is given to the social sphere. Reopened factory dispensary, which is an independent medical department. It already has its first visitors. In addition to the preventive measures provided for provision of emergency and emergency aid, as well as the work of a gym and a rehabilitation center.

It works to provide food services for workers in the factory. Revived at the plant Youth Union, and in addition Union of Women's Organizations. On the balance of the plant has a recreation center "Desna". No exaggeration - the allegation that the talented engineer, experienced leader, a brilliant strategist, - undercutting Sergei plant brought a second wind, managing not only to retain qualified personnel and production, but also made every effort to secure the company obtained the status of an employee. The plant is already working with more than sixty countries around the world. They are friendly, business, partnership, and is open for business fruitful contacts.

Plant №410 civil aviation



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