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Refuelling aircraft. Refuelling equipment airports.
Refuelling aircraft. Refuelling equipment airports.

Refueling aircraft fuel.


Filling Equipment airports is part of the airport infrastructure and the process is designed to provide aircraft refueling, automotive and other ground equipment fuel and lubricants. Development and improvement of the composition, type, specific application and maintenance of fueling equipment at all stages is inextricably linked with the requirements of refueling aircraft fuel and ground equipment, systems, training them to work on the flight and flight operations as well as the performance of fuels and lubricants.


 От заправки с помощью ведра и воронки с сетчатым фильтром в предвоенные годы к насосно-заправочным агрегатам на шасси автомобиля ГАЗ-АА и бензозаправщикам военного периода развития, далее к автотопливозаправщикам на шасси автомобилей ЗИЛ и МАЗ вместимостью цистерн до 16 000 литров и упрощенным системам централизованной заправки самолетов в послевоенный период до 1970 года, затем к строительству стационарных систем централизованной заправки в ряде аэропортов гражданской авиации и созданию топливозаправщиков средней и большой вместимости ТЗ-22, ТЗ-30, АТЗ-60-8685 и АТЗ-90-8685С так проходило развитие заправочного оборудования в период до 1990 года.


Filling Equipment airports.



By this time, the basic requirements have been fulfilled to the filling equipment airports. Particular attention was paid to ensuring the quality of jet fuel by installation of filters with improved characteristics (up to 5 microns), the performance fueling the transition from the open method of filling the closed (molding) process (from 300 - 400 l / min up to 1500 - 2500 l / min through one filling pipe), a decrease hydropercussion processes at a gas station by the use of dampers, as well as reduce the dangers of electrostatic fuel through the use of filters with minimum electrifying properties and converters static induction type.


Refueling aircraft fuel


Our equipment domestic airports at the turn of the year 2000 basically meet the requirements for timely and safe aircraft fueling aircrafts (AC) state and civil aviation.

Past domestic and foreign experience of fueling equipment of airports was characterized to a certain extent "by competition" between the stationary system of centralized refueling sun fuel (the hub) and bowsers (ATZ). The specialists noted the mobility and autonomy of APP compared to the hub. In the early stages of development it is on ATZ used at the beginning of the new elements of the gas mains (filters with filtering capacity 5 micron filters, water separators, pressure regulators and flow, etc.), and then they were introduced in units filling the hub.


This explains, according to foreign experts, impulsive increase in orders for APP with each new generation of aircraft with the increased volume of tanks and fuel systems receiving abilities, increase other requirements of the filling process. With some delay advantage remained still for upgraded or new hub is due to lower unit operating costs. However, the APP was given its rightful place in some airports co-location and sharing, as well as a number of international airports. Based on the feasibility study it was worthy of "niche" application APP in other civil airports. Still occupy a special place in ensuring ATZ flights at airports with low intensity operations, where the construction of the hub is not economically feasible or not possible for various reasons.



Over the past 10 - 15 years has changed significantly fueling equipment for aircraft ground equipment. In accordance with the requirements of the international safe transport of dangerous goods by road after 1996 years significantly changed appearance, technical equipment of the domestic automobile refueling equipment (ATZ) and transportation (AC) of petroleum products that are used by fuel and refueling airport for refueling car and other equipment, as well as the transportation of oil products, including jet fuel. This is the most typical for regional airports and airports with poor infrastructure.

The object of the study is a set of filling equipment for filling the Sun "Boeing - 757". The aim of the work is the choice of the filling unit of the hub for refueling Boeing-757.


Refill the hub units of the system and their types

CZ 1 M

TSZT 4 (4M / 4M2)

MAN TGL 8.150 4x2 Euro3

Petrol Renault

The mobile unit MAZ 4370

Military refueling unit Peugeot

FOR TSZSVS system Mercedes


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