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Zala Aero ZALA 421-06
Zala Aero ZALA 421-06

Zala Aero ZALA 421-06

ZALA 421-06 - complex with UAVs, whose purpose is to monitor the underlying surface (including surface water and difficult terrain), search and identify objects in movement mode or hang. The complex provides reception and transmission of information in the form of real-time thermal images of the terrain and TV mode on the digital channel, the definition of surveillance sites and their origin, dispute, storage and processing of additional data. In automatic mode, the complex manages takeoff, flight with hovering and landing UAV helicopter type.

Features of the complex:

  • Correction (delete, move, and add waypoints), reading assignments with other ground control stations and a complete change of the flight task in flight.

  • Transfer video from on board the UAV to the control station in real time. Record and view videos with further processing and post-flight analysis.

  • During the flight on board the UAV video channel switching can be carried out by teams from the NSO.

  • Output speed data, high, rectangular and geodetic coordinates, flight duration, Greenwich Mean Time, the battery voltage supply to the resulting video.

  • The use of automatic control system allows you to keep the drone at a certain height, and perform predetermined maneuvers in the vertical and horizontal planes to achieve this goal.

  • UAV flight exercises in automatic mode with the ability to hover over the object. The operator can move the detour point adjusted for malfunctioning electronic card and the wind in real time.

  • Using the multifunctional joystick provides a semi-automatic control of the UAV.

  • When the radio is broken UAV returns to the take-off point where the land produces.

  • UAV useful load can be controlled directly with the joystick.

  • Simultaneous use of 4 bespilotnkov with reference to one of the NSO.

  • The ability to control one device from two NSOs.

  • Voice Module (voice confirmation of all the teams in the performance of assigned tasks).

  • Automatic UAV take-off and landing mode.

  • Return UAV automatically at a given point.

  • NSO is able to operate on the move.

  • NSOs can connect to the Internet to provide full remote access to the video data received.

Russian Interior Ministry frequently carries out operations with the use of drones. Some of them require you to perform landing and take-off units from unprepared sites. For example, it is necessary for the implementation of monitoring and patrol of objects on residential areas. Also, many special operations require the presence of drones hover over the object so that it resides within the camera view. All these and other quality problems can be performed by using an unmanned helicopter complex ZALA 421-06. He became the first drone-helicopter, which was adopted in the Russian Interior Ministry. Its payload is represented by high-quality gyro-stabilized camera or night vision device. Video is transmitted over a secure digital communication channels in real time over distances up to 15 km.

Unmanned helicopter ZALA 421-06 has a maximum flight duration 1,5 hours.

UAVs equipped with infrared and electro-optical camera. Additional load can be represented by the chemical gas detectors and radiation. Optionally, it can be installed a loudspeaker. Transmission of information from the UAV to the ground control station is carried out online via an encrypted digital connection. To this unit there was interest not only from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and other agencies and departments, as well as the company "Gazprom".

Zala Aero ZALA 421-06. Characteristics:

Modification Zala 421-06
The diameter of the rotor, m 1.77
Length m 1.57
Height, m 0.67
Width, m 0.40
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 12.50
engine's type 1 ICE
power, kWt X 1 1.70
Maximum speed km / h 50
Cruising speed, km / h 45
Radius of action, km 15
Flight duration, h 1.50
Practical ceiling, m 2500
Working height, m 50-700


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