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Yakovlev Yak-18. Nanchang CJ-5 / 6.



USSR / China

A type: single-engine piston training aircraft initial training and aerobatic aircraft

Crew: two pilots, arranged one behind the other, one pilot (Yak-18G1M) or two pilots, arranged side by side, and two passengers (Yak-18T airplane)

Designed on the basis of pre-war aircraft UT-2, Yak-18 from the beginning built as a specialized base uchebnotrenirovochny plane for the Soviet Air Force. The first production aircraft entered service in the Soviet Union in 1947 year. In 1955 it was presented to the Yak-18U, distinguished by a longer fuselage and tricycle landing gear poluubirayuschimsya. There was also increased angle V-wing cross, but, despite a significant increase in weight, the aircraft still equipped with outdated radial engine M-11FR designer Shvetsova.

Problems with the power shortage was solved with the advent of 1957, the Yak-18A which differed engine AI-14R designer Ivchenko, closes a new hood. In parallel with the modification of the Yak-18A developed single aerobatic Yak-18P modification, the first copy of which took off in 1961 year. By that time, China had launched licensed production of aircraft CO-5, which was followed by improved aircraft SB-5 / 6 (the total number of the last aircraft was more than 1500 copies). The last modification that has fallen into production firm Yakovlev Yak became a four-18T, which appeared in 1967 year.

Yakovlev Yak-18. Nanchang CJ-5 / 6.


This aircraft had the layout of the pilots side by side, and the same scheme for passengers behind the pilot. Production of the initial training aircraft Yak-18 was stopped at the end of the year after delivery 1967 6760 aircraft, many of which were exported. Production of the Yak-18T lasted until the end of 1980-ies was built 1000 copies. An unexpected turn of events - from year 1993 Smolensk aircraft plant again started production of Yak-18T.



  • Yak-18, Yak-18-2 - prototype aircraft made in 1946 city, equipped with engines M-11FM (M-12) and M-11FR-1.

  • Yak-18 serial - produced in 1947 city This is by design, as the second prototype of the Yak-18-2, ie a tail wheel and the engine M-11FR-1. The production model was modernized several times (the replacement of the engine was carried out at the M-11FR, install new screws, changing the navigation instruments and radio equipment, etc.). Led to the construction of the Leningrad Aviation Plant № 272, Kharkov Aviation Plant № 135, Arsen'yev aircraft factory № 116. Mainly for the production of the plant was № 272. After reorientation Leningrad aircraft factory to issue serial Yak-11 mainly for the production of Yak-18 116-appointed second plant. Different sources give their data on the number built Yak-18. These range from the 3752 4830 to pieces.


Yakovlev Yak-18. Nanchang CJ-5 / 62


  • Yak-18 with fixed landing gear cross - processed series of Yak-18, which were tested in 1947 and 1949 years.

  • Yak-18 M-12 - improved model, which received the holding of production aircraft completions in Kharkov in 1949, the car had a new engine M-12 190 hp power, which had a cylindrical hood instead fairings cylinders. Flight tests of this model was successfully completed in noyabre1950 With the new engine, the flight characteristics of the aircraft improved. After the appearance of a more powerful engine AI-14R in 1951, the work on the Yak-18 / 12 M-stopped. During operation of the trial version was used for carrying out experiments on the effectiveness of tricycle fixed landing gear.

  • Yak-18U - first production version with nose wheel landing gear. The first copy was received 1951 of serial Yak-18, passed factory tests at the end of 1951 g, and the state - at the beginning of 1952 The nose landing gear is retracted back, and most importantly - to the wing pressed forward. The increase in weight of the aircraft adversely affected the flight characteristics of the machine. The first batch of production aircraft in the number of shares issued in 20 1954 year. They were sent to military trials. The results impressed the military. Students have mastered all the skills of piloting. They could freely put on combat fighters, passing the training on the Yak-11. The plane began to mass-produce the plant № 116 1955 of January, and was up to 1957 It was built 960 copies.

  • Yak-18T - modernization of the Yak-18U, which was equipped with additional equipment, allowing operation in any weather conditions. They cadets pilots could master the technology blind landing. The increased weight of the aircraft, as a consequence, deteriorated performance characteristics. Commercially not produced, and the name was a completely different plane.

  • Yak-18A - the third one and the main modernization of aircraft launched a series. It was made much higher quality at the expense of more power for the engine. The first sample was a part of the power plant engine AI-14R, whose power was 220 hp (later - 260 hp). Home Design - 1956 city The first name - "modified Yak-18U", then it became known as the Yak-20, 1957 and from the city - Yak-18A. The design of the airplane used heavy nine-cylinder. Significantly changed stall, the glider and the control system. Installed new navigation and radio equipment. Although the flight weight and increased compared to the Yak-18U, LTH improved. It was possible to perform a "managed barrel". The first sample has successfully completed factory testing in 1956 r state - in the first quarter of 1957 The first production vehicles came from the conveyor at the end of 1957 Different sources provide their data on the date of completion of the series production of Yak-18A. Some call 1960, at others - 1964 year. During the production of changes in practically no. The plane had resource 3 thousand. flight hours.

Yakovlev Yak-18 3

  • Yak-18P - Single aerobatic plane, based at the Yak-18A. At the beginning of production, in 1957 year, I referred to as the Yak-18A. Commercialized. It Soviet athletes often participated in competitions not only domestic but also international. Then based on it were built version of the Yak-Yak-18PS and 18PM that have undergone major structural changes.


Basic data

dimensions (modification of the Yak-18A):

  • Length: 8,53 m

  • Wingspan: 10,6 m

  • Height: 3,35 m

The weight:

  • BLANK: 1025 kg

  • Maximum take-off: 1316 kg

Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 263 km / h
  • Range: 1015 km

Power point: M-11FR designer Shvetsova (Yak-18 / 18U), AI-14R designer Ivchenko (Yak-18A / 18P), AI-14RF designer Ivchenko (Yak-18PM / FP), M-14P designer Vedeneyeva (Yak -18T), "Huosay» (Huosai) 6A (licensing failure of the engine AI-14FR) company "Zhuhai» (Zhuzhou SMPMC)

Power: 160 l. from. (119 kW), 260 l. from. (193 kW), 300 l. from. (223 kW), 395 l. from. (294 kW) and 285 l. from. (213 kW), respectively,

Date of first flight:

  • 1946 year

The surviving airworthy modifications: Yak-18 / 18A / 18U718PM / 18T, NW-5, CO-6 and S0-6A



Yak-18 video



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