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Wing Loong
Wing Loong

Wing Loong

China's aviation industry has worked hard to create a qualitatively new unmanned vehicle, the result was made UAV Wing Loong, it means "Dragon Wing." It should be noted that the company manufacturer stated that the creation of this radio-controlled aircraft was carried out only at the expense of their own strength and Technology of China, which is the intellectual property.

Development and creation of co-worked famous corporation AVIC China aviation and scientific department CADI Aviation Institute in Chengdu. The whole process from idea to implementation in reality took minimal time since the first steps of the project started to do in 2005 year, and two years later made the machine took off on their own. Public and the press the aircraft, or rather its layout, was presented at the exhibition in 2008 year, which took place in the city of Zhuhai. As for the demonstration flight of the machine, it took only 2012 year, which attracted huge interest of fans of aviation and aircraft in many countries.

Possible applications of the UAV Wing Loong

  • It can distinguish and fix the various kinds of structures and military equipment of the enemy.

  • It can perform reconnaissance missions, for a long time.

  • Adjustment of the Union artillery and troops for the application of punches.

  • In the civilian sector can act as a research unit for the prediction of weather conditions and natural disasters.

With 2006 years the Chinese government has allowed export aircraft Wing Loong to other countries. The maximum duration of the flight is 3 thousand kilometers or 20 hours patrol. Pee This machine can lift up to 200 kilogram payload. Total weight BPLP Wing Loong 1100 kilos. The geometrical dimensions are impressive enough, because the length of the UAV is 9 meters and a wingspan of 14 meters. The flight may take place at a maximum height of 5,3 kilometers. It should be noted that the Wing Loong, except for reconnaissance missions, may also independently carry out air strikes, as on board can be installed 4 bomb. Bomb itself is an innovation in the military industry as it is a completely new class of guided bombs "air-surface". Precision bombing with Data bombs tipaYZ-102A and YZ-121 allows to destroy targets very effectively, it is possible due to the laser device mounted on the guidance.

UAV Wing Loong is really a full-fledged competitor to Western counterparts. In addition, this machine is more accessible than the foreign unmanned machine intelligence. Yet professionals point out that this vehicle is based on two American UAVs, namely the Predator and Reaper. And at first taken the technical equipment and the second geometrical dimensions. The main advantage of the machine is its price of about one million dollars, with the more expensive Western counterparts.

In addition to China's military, unmanned reconnaissance Wing Loong use troops in Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates.

Wing Loong. Characteristics:

Modification Wing Loong
Wingspan, m 14.00
Length m 9.00
Height, m 2.70
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 1100
engine's type 1
Power, hp 1 x
Maximum speed km / h 280
Range, km 3000
Flight duration, h 20
Practical ceiling, m 5300


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