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Helicopter Avicopter AC3X2. Specifications. A photo.
Helicopter Avicopter AC3X2. Specifications. A photo.

Helicopter Avicopter AC3X2. Specifications. A photo.


Avicopter AC3X2 - Chinese light multi-purpose helicopter, developed in 2013, the Chinese Aircraft Corporation «Aviation Industry Corporation of China».


A photoAvicopter AC3X2


Проектирование вертолёта модели Avicopter AC3X2 началось китайскими авиаразработчиками в 2010 году, при этом, авиастроители воспользовались современной концепцией проектирования летательных аппаратов, задействовав на этапе разработки лучших дизайнеров, но в то же вермя заимствовав некоторые конструктивные элементы из предшествующих наработок, что позволило минимизировать сроки реализации готового проекта, и обеспечить будущему вертолёту более низкую стоимость, что отнюдь немаловажно, так как работы по созданию лёгкого гражданского вертолёта были сопряжены с целым рядом рисков, куда в частности относится большая конкурентность иностранных авиапроизводителей.


Avicopter AC3X2 photo


Helicopter Avicopter AC3X2 has quite a compact design that provides the aircraft good aerodynamic properties, improved handling and a high level of maneuverability that have been noted. Moreover, thanks to its modern design, the helicopter Avicopter AC3X2 already dozens of potential customers interested in that, coupled with the low cost of the aircraft, the aircraft ensures this model a high popularization as the markets of Asia and outside the region.

His first lёtnym test test helicopter model Avicopter AC3X2, subjected to 2014 year, while taking into account low enough experience in the design of rotary-wing aircraft, aircraft manufacturers of the company «Aviation Industry Corporation of China» managed very successfully complete all required tests, in connection with which project was prepared to launch into production, which is expected to begin in the year 2016.


HelicopterAvicopter AC3X2


Depending on the layout of the cabin and a helicopter Avicopter AC3X2 may also be applicable as a means of business aviation, with a very effective, 8-9 can accommodate people, including one pilot, that is very effective, especially considering the small size of the aircraft and its low cost . Among other things, Avicopter AC3X2 helicopter can also carry and transport on its board of small goods, the only condition which is the observance of the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft, constituting, according to the official documentation, 3,1 tons.

Helicopter Avicopter AC3X2 equipped with two turbine engines brands Changzhou WZ16, able to develop traction in 820 hp one that allows the helicopter to develop the maximum speed of its movement in 300 km \ h., performing flights at distances not exceeding 650 kilometers, which is quite acceptable.


Specifications Avicopter AC3X2.


  • Crew: 1 people;
  • Capacity: 7-8 people (depending on the layout of the cabin);
  • helicopter length: 9,28 m .;
  • The height of the helicopter: 3,44 m .;
  • The diameter of the rotor: 7,62 m .;
  • Weight of empty helicopter: 1650 kg .;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 3100 kg .;
  • Cruising speed: 260 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight speed: 300 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight distance: 650 km .;
  • Maximum flight height: 5100 m .;
  • Powerplant: 2 x Changzhou WZ16;
  • Power: 2 x 820 hp


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