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Helicopter Sikorsky H-19A
Helicopter Sikorsky H-19A

Helicopter Sikorsky H-19A



Sikorsky S-55 / H-19 Chickasaw - multi-purpose helicopter.

The helicopter was created by «Sikorsky». The first flight in 1949 year.


Sikorsky H-19A photo

Sikorsky H-19A photo


Basic data on the helicopter Sikorsky H-19A:

  • Crew 2 people.
  • 170 Maximum speed km / h
  • Service ceiling 4 700 m
  • Flight distance (800 kg of cargo) 460 km
  • Number of X Diameter rotor 1X 16,0 13,0 helicopter m Length m
  • Appointment. Transportation of troops and supplies, rescue operations, evacuation of the wounded; It is also in service with the Air Force of Great Britain and France.

Maximum load:

  • passengers 10 people.
  • or cargo 800 kg
  • Takeoff weight 3 400 kg


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