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Go to fight some "old"
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Go to fight some "old» (1973)

Go to fight some "old" (1973)


The story takes place during World War II, when the territory of Ukraine are fighting. At this time sortie produces the second squadron. After the attack, all the pilots return to base, but no Captain Titarenko, who was shot down behind enemy lines. Rescue contributed infantry, which at that time was actively attack the enemy. The next day the regiment recruits arrive, who immediately distributed into squadrons. Lieutenant Aleksanr and two of his companions: Schedronov Sandullaev and asking about how to get it into the second squadron. However, for this they need to have musical talent, because the known and the second squadron, which has its own orchestra, where Captain Titarenko - conductor. Schedronov is not lost, and sings the famous "Darkie" from which it and nicknamed.

After that, scientists have pilots called "old" go into battle, leaving the newcomers to the base, because the need to gain more experience in missions and military affairs. When the "old" back, everyone notices that Titarenko angry Skvortsova, a senior lieutenant, who is not the first time out of the fight without orders. However, it soon becomes clear that he is simply afraid of the fight due to a frontal attack at Kursk, where he was hit. Lieutenant submits a report on how to bring him to the tribunal, but the "Maestro", as they called the captain, paper burns.

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If the air is quiet, takes up the second squadron of playing musical instruments, and even Alexander, who, to put it mildly, not very fond of music takes up a tambourine, and after a while becomes the head of rehearsals. And, finally, the newcomers began to fly, but not all at once, also started to turn. For example, in general Alexandrov broke the plane during landing, but despite this, he went in peace to catch grasshoppers. "Maestro" is angry and removes "Grasshopper" from the flight. Shortly thereafter, Titarenko flying on reconnaissance, but this time at the airport sits biplane In-2, which pilots are nice girls: Masha and Zoe.

Incidentally, the latter is immediately fall in love with Sagdullaeva who gets the nickname "Romeo." Because of their love, they do not even notice the appearance of the German "Messerschmitt", which bombed an airfield, but was never able to injure soldiers. Titarenko returns from exploration and confirms the words of partisans. Before you fly into battle, he again sent for re-exploration, where he shot down, mistaken for Germans. When the "Maestro" is returned to the regiment, he finds that "Darkie" died.

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After the entry of Captain in the CPSU (b), he gets party job: to show how you can shoot down aces Goering. Titarenko is to fight the Germans, and the slave takes Skvortsova, which falsely informs refusal weapons on the plane. To save a friend, Skvortsov fight your fear and knocks German tambourine. In the evening, the Germans raid on the airfield and to save the regiment, "Grasshopper" without the authorization of the aircraft takes Titarenko and wins the battle with the enemy.

However, in spite of everything, and "Romeo" does not lose time, and requests the hand and heart of Mary. After a while, go to fight some "old", but already watered the young staff, "Romeo" and "Grasshopper". During the battle seriously wounded "Romeo", and he soon died. When they decide to report it to Masha, they know that they were killed Zoe. Makarych and "Maestro" sit down at the graves of women and promised after the war to come to sing "Darkie".


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