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Tupolev Tu-330


Russian territory on 2 / 3 has practically no transport communications. This refers to most of the North, the entire Far East and Siberia. It is therefore necessary skilled The flying technique for inter-connections.

A. Tupolev ASTC has long been engaged in the construction of cargo aircraft. company "Tu" The peculiarity of the transformation have always been military or transport aircraft into freighters. In 30-ies base for cargo modifications of aircraft F-1 and F-2 were heavy bombers TB and TB-1-3. In 50-ies used a long-range bombers Tu-4 conversion in the transport and landing of Tu-4TD. For the first time in the original Tupolev aircraft for transport technology was created in the year 1950 - Tu-75.


At the end of 50-X engineers began renovations Tu-Tu-104 and 114 under military transport and cargo modifications Tu-114T aircraft Tu-Tu and 115-107. The seventies were a massive development on the main plane Tu-Tu and 134-154, as a result of which produced a small batch of successful aircraft for CAF. At this time, we conducted extensive work on the creation of the main air cargo modified machines.

Given the fact that the country is in great need of cargo planes inter-class program "Russian Cargo Aircraft" has been developed. The basis of this program was the implementation of the replacement of technologically obsolete aircraft for domestic freight traffic of the new generation devices with the latest design technology and science of aviation. The implemented program will provide:

  • · Halving fuel consumption;

  • · Reduction in the cost of transportation to 40-50%;

  • · Increasing the technical level of a cargo plane;

  • · Improving the safety of the flight;

  • · Decent competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets;

  • · Reduction of the negative impact on the environment;

  • · The use of a wide variety of air assets for the implementation of specific tasks.

Under this program provides optimization of the standard series transport cargo aircraft due to the emergence of medium transport Tu-330 (CTC), a regional freighter Tu-230 and operated by local airline Tu-130 (Tu-136 in the future).

The most advanced project is the program for the aircraft Tu-330. The wide-highly economical transport Tu-330 projected on the basis of industrial and scientific and technical reserve associated with serial medium-range passenger airliners last generation Tu-Tu and 214-204. Maintenance work on the airplane is conducted by RF Government Decree of April 24 1994 years. At this stage, it has already been transferred from the Antonov design documents on the Kazan Aviation Production Plant named after S. Gorbunov.

Medium Transport Tu-330 - it's a plane, able to replace the outdated AN-12 and IL-76TD. Volume unification with the base model Tu-204 solves the problem of software in comparison with similar projects CTC, in particular Ukrainian AN-70 and European FLA.


Includes such key benefits:

  • 1) Minimum technical risk during the project implementation;

  • 2) decrease in time spent in 2-3 times on the finishing, prototype and mass production;

  • 3) rapid adaptation to operate ATC systems;

  • 4) unification of the composition of avionics and cockpit with a backbone of modern aircraft;

  • 5) a simple method of introducing air into the fast operation of the machine;

  • 6) the use of a whole range of spare parts, the CPA and the SSS in conjunction with modern long-haul aircraft.

ASTC at structurally-layout design modifications and variations of the base transport aircraft carefully examined a large variation of possible problems that can solve cargo liner for transportation. It is also considered an option, which will use the AN-330-70 and general conditions, each in its spectrum.

College of experts produced a count at which it became clear that the need for civil aviation in the apparatus of the Tu-330 present. Moreover, it is estimated at 100-120 air machines. The need to use the aircraft as a carrier on international routes is 25-30 units, and in respect of cargo deliveries in the near abroad is estimated at 25 units, far - 40 units. The result is that the total needed from the 180 215 to Tu-330. For the needs of the Russian Defense Ministry is 150-200 aircraft.


Accordingly, the results of experts about the need for an airplane to power and civilian agencies of the Tupolev engineers have made an indicative list of necessary modifications in the future:

  • 1. Tu-330 - basic modification of the cargo-type aircraft fleet of civil.

  • 2. Tu-330PS - search and rescue aircraft. Designed for search and rescue operations, patrolling the entire marine area, aerial photography, ice conditions exploration and fish stocks, and environmental monitoring.

  • 3. Tu-330P designed to extinguish fires in the forests.

  • 4. Tu-330RL conduct further exploration tool.

  • 5. Tu-330R - aircraft transponder.

  • 6. LNG - tanker carrying LNG to the corresponding power plant.

  • 7. Tu-330VT - basic cargo aircraft with the Air Force communication systems, the availability of the equipment for loading and unloading the standard track, wheeled combat vehicles.

  • 8. Tu-330SE - sanitary and aircraft evacuation.

  • 9. Tu-330TZ - aircraft used for refueling.


The design of the Tu-330

The plane created by the scheme vysokoplana with the presence of a swept wing and tail same. Some elements of the tail and wing all constructed on the basis of Tu-204, they also maintain a high aerodynamic qualities. It designed a new fuselage of the aircraft, taking into account the specifics of the destination. The central part, cargo compartment sealed. The cargo hatch with a boarding ladder is placed in the rear part of the fuselage. 2 turbofan engines of the type SS-90A mounted under the wings on the pylon. Such a scheme will in future install more powerful engines. ASTC optional designed for replacing standard engines NK-93, the company's engines "Pratt and Whitney" and "Rolls Royce". Overseas Motors is not only similar to the domestic, but also open the way to foreign markets.

In the rear part of the fuselage for the APU is set TA 12-60 type. The chassis are six stand-alone racks with two wheels on each brake. Two wheels are mounted on the front rack. This chassis is provided by the aircraft on ground and concrete runway landing and take-off operation. To the category of structural and new solutions applied to the aircraft Tu-330, are electro-upgraded remote machine control system to the presence of the central handle (replacement of the wheel), the installation of flat glass in the cockpit lights and elimination of side flaps of the cargo compartment. The sealed cargo cabin volume 330 cubic meters have established a set of transport equipment. Thanks to him, provided airlift people, equipment and goods, as well as carrying out loading and unloading operations.

Tu-330 characteristics:

Modification Tu-330
Wingspan, m 43.50
Aircraft Length m 42.00
Height, m 14.00
Wing area, m2 195.50
maximum take-off 103500
engine's type 2 turbofan engines PS-90A
Thrust, kgf  
neforsirovannom X 2 16140
forced X 2 17500
Maximum cruising speed, km / h 850
Cruising speed, km / h 800
Practical range, km 3000
Practical ceiling, m 11000
Crew 3
Payload: 35000 kg of cargo




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I am having only positive emotions at the sight of our powerful air units. The aircraft Tu-330 is one of the most famous trucks created by domestic designers. This hard worker, has a excellent quality and excellent performance characteristics, it is no wonder a very large number of modifications have been developed on the basis of the ego. Despite the fact that this model has more than one decade from the first take-off, it is in our time is highly demanded in various industries. In my opinion the recognition of the quality of this machine is like buying the ego and other countries in large enough quantities.