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Transas WATCH-2 Multipurpose UAV
Transas WATCH-2 Multipurpose UAV

Transas WATCH-2 Multipurpose UAV

"Watch-2" - a multi-purpose tactical class unmanned systems, the creation of which proactively engaged JSC "Transas" in 2005 year. Board control UAV developed by the company "TEKNOL." Retaining the functionality and architecture of traditional UAV autopilot, control complex was increased durability, electromagnetic compatibility and good stability under conditions of work reinforced the vibration that comes from the internal combustion engine. The complex can be equipped with a magnetic sensor rate and air data computer. At the present time JSC "Transas" produced one of the UAV in a month. In the future it is possible to increase the level of mass production.

Purpose unmanned multipurpose complex in the standard is in the air monitoring of surface and aerial environment with on-board tools to collect and obtain information about target areas and objects to her treatment and the provision of earthly authorities.

Unmanned complex "Dozor-2» consists of a mobile center for receiving, processing and transmission of data, three drones, which are placed in the stowed position in special containers, spare parts and tools.

Maintenance of the complex is carried out three people: a mechanical engineer, a specialist data processing and the pilot-operator.

The complex "Dozor-2» is completely car-SUV LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110.

For ensuring control in the air meets the mobile control center. Also with the help of the receipt, processing and subsequent transfer of information to the concerned authority. He is represented by a set of equipment, as part of which there are 2 hardware and software modules - UAV control and data, respectively, as well as workstations equipped for cabin crew.

On unmanned aerial vehicles "Dozor-2» You can install the payload in a variety of optoelectronic tools that provide aerial surveillance and aerial above the water surface, the transmission of information in real time on the mobile control center and deliver a payload to the starting point.

With a cruising speed of up to 150 km / h and at altitudes up to 4 km length of the flight apparatus of 10 hours. The minimum (safe) speed - 80 km / h.

The standard payload is represented by a digital camera with a resolution of 12 megapixel camera and front-side viewing of high-resolution thermal imaging system of near and far ranges and object recognition system. Also at the request of the customer unit can be equipped with different equipment for different purposes. Payload mounted in interchangeable head portion. They are installed and used, depending on the tasks and the situation.

The data can be stored on board the keeper and transmitted in real time via radio to the control.

Stability of the flight on a given route provides piloting and navigation system. It consists of a module autopilot, compact integrated inertial navigation system, built-in satellite navigation receiver of domestic or foreign production, storage and flight information software.

Landing and take-off are carried out on an aircraft, the unit is running 60 m run - 100 m. Emergency landing can be performed using a parachute. At night landing UAV used quality video system.

Transas WATCH-2. Characteristics:

Modification Watch-2
Wingspan, m 4.40
Length m 2.60
Height, m 0.90
Weight, kg  
null 23
maximum take-off 38
fuel 7
engine's type 1 PD 3W56
Power, hp X 1 5.5
Cruising speed, km / h 130-150
Practical range, km 1200
Flight duration, h 10
Practical ceiling, m 4000


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