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Epervier is the reconnaissance version of the UAV, developed by Belgian held firm Thomson-CSF Electronics Belgium. Start of program development apparatus is dated 1969 year, and it has received state financial support. After passing a series of tests in 1974, the Thomson-CSF was prepared by order of the Belgian Army for the supply of 40 UAVs together with ground servicing equipment. Completion dates back to 1977 UAV supply of

Epervier conducting reconnaissance of the battlefield using 127-mm AA3-70 camera for daytime shooting mode and camera Omera AA6-62 for night mode using flares device. As the UAV options can be equipped with infrared scanners and cameras LLTV-engaged in the transmission of information in real time. Start unmanned performed terrestrial mobile control station installed on the truck. Flying machine is remotely controlled, given the opportunity to move to a fully automatic operation after the approach to the target. After completing the task, the UAV performs landing using a parachute system, looking for him, using the CEP system. In 2000, these drones are armed with the Belgian Army. It is planned to be replaced by Israeli unmanned vehicles IAI Hunter.

Thomson-CSF EPERVIER. Characteristics:

Modification Epervier
Wingspan, m 1.72
Length m 2.38
Height, m 0.93
Weight, kg  
null 101
maximum take-off 147
fuel 26
engine's type 1 TRD Lucas CT3201
Thrust, kN X 1 0.49
Maximum speed km / h 325
Cruising speed, km / h 310
Radius of action, km 93
The maximum rate of climb, m / min 720
The flight duration, min 25


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