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Mysterious "Square": brings you to the danger of hijacked videoconferencing complex air defense?
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Mysterious "Square": brings you to the danger of hijacked videoconferencing complex air defense?

Mysterious "Square": whether to bear the risk of videoconferencing, hijacked air defense systems?


Just a few days ago, some media there were reports that the terrorist group "Islamic State" captured anti-aircraft missile system "Square", which, according to Western journalists, can seriously disrupt the execution of combat missions by the Russian military space forces and aircraft of NATO countries . Of course, only a few missiles in the hands of the militants may drastically change in the near future, the balance of combat forces on the territory of Syria, however, experts believe that in reality, the chance that the radical Islamists will use combat system anti-aircraft missile complex "Square "extremely small.



The first thing that should be noted is the lack of actual evidence of the militant "Islamic state" anti-missile system "Square", since none of the western media reports about it officially was not confirmed, which may indicate inaccurate information it is likely running from the mouth of the terrorists themselves for temporary cessation of massive air strikes on the positions of the radicals with the purpose of relocation and consolidation in some areas.

It is necessary to clarify that the original data on the presence of anti-aircraft missile system "Square" have appeared in the Turkish media that in view of the cold political relations currently between Russia and Turkey, can only be nothing more than an attempt to "intimidate" the Russian command.



Given the fact that the operation of anti-aircraft missile system "Square" arrived in 1967 year and had been actively used by the Syrian army, is to assume that if the terrorists are "Islamic state" and seized the air defense system of this type, the probability of a large set shells remains extremely low - according to experts, the maximum than a terrorist, it's three rockets (one set), due to the danger, of course, there may be, but in fact, it remains minimal.



Among other things, pay attention to the fact that it is, above all, the presence of anti-aircraft missile system "Square", having a maximum height of hitting the target in 7 kilometers, in fact, when using high altitude, will not affect the work Military Space Forces of the Russian Federation. Of course, there is also the likelihood that terrorists LIH was a complex command and control "Crab", which increases the maximum flight range missiles to 12 kilometers (height), but, as noted by the Russian experts, these facilities earlier in Syria are not supplied. In addition, it is likely talking about the presence of only the most launcher, which is in fact suitable only for the transportation of combat missiles, but not for their targeted launch, in this connection, the Russian videoconferencing can in complete tranquility and further continue the destruction of positions militants, freeing the territory of Syria.



Finally ,, to control anti-aircraft missile system "Square" is required, at least, the presence of specific knowledge and extensive experience in dealing with the old Soviet air defense system, which is hardly available to the radical Islamists, but because if SAM "Square" and into the hands of the LIH, it is unlikely that it carries in itself for any significant threat.


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