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Supermarine Spitfire. Photo. Characteristics.
Supermarine Spitfire. Photo. Characteristics.

Supermarine Spitfire. Photo. Characteristics.


United Kingdom

A type: single-engine fighter

Crew: One pilot

The only fighter UK, remained in production throughout the Second World War - was built just 22 500 24 aircraft modifications. Feats of aircraft "Spitfire» (Spitfire - hot-tempered) of "Vikkers- Supermarine» (Vickers-Supermarine) became legends.

The aircraft was designed by Reginald J. Mitchell, used his experience of creating Supermarine float planes that won the competition RAF Schneider prize in 1920-1930 and x-ies. Prototype "Spitfire" K5054 equipped with the engine "Merlin» (Merlin - merlin) I Company "Rolls-Royce", first took to the skies in March 5 1936 years. However, due to manufacturing problems that have arisen in connection with the introduction of the revolutionary fighter design with stressed skin, it took another two and a half years to the first production aircraft "Spitfire» I went into operation. During the nine years of its production external "Spitfire" type of aircraft has changed slightly, but if you look under the liner, you'll find a completely different design. Power engines "Merlin" is gradually increased, allowing the fighter to compete on an equal footing with new types of German aircraft. Initially, this led to the creation of a "workhorse" - Aircraft Mk V, and then a superb aircraft Mk IX, which is not inferior to the aircraft Bf 109F / G and Fw 190 almost all altitudes.

The plane "Spitfire" performed a flawless job in the roles and fotorazvedchika istrebitelya- bomber. In fact, in the last year of the war it became clear that it is more advantageous to use as a ground attack ground targets than as a fighter. Today, the aircraft "Spitfire" is a symbol of military victories of the Royal Air Force, and a growing number of instances of the flying aircraft around the world ensures that his fame will last into the next century.

Basic data

dimensions (All data modifications to Mk IX):

  • Length: 9,47 m
  • Wingspan: 11,23 m
  • Height: 3,86 m


The weight:

  • BLANK: 2556 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 4309 kg


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 657 km / h
  • Range: 1577 km with fuel in the tanks suspended


Power point: the company "Rolls Royce", "Merlin» II / III to the Mk IA, «Merlin" the XII to the Mk IIA, «Merlin» 45 / 46 / 50 / 50A / 55 / 56 on Mk VB / VC and "Merlin» 61 / 63 / 66 / 70 on the Mk VIII, Mk IX, PR XI and Mk XVI

Power: 1000 from l. from. (746 kW) from "Merlin» II to 1710 l. from. (1275,66 kW) from "Merlin» 63

Date of first flight:

  • 5 March 1936 year


The surviving airworthy modifications:

  • Mk IA, Mk IIA, Mk VB / C, Mk VIII, Mk IX, pr XI and Mk XVI


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