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Su-80. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.



Another achievement is the Sukhoi design bureau airplane model Su-80. This machine has been designed in two versions: as a cargo and passenger car. The device of this type can carry 30 passengers and cargo model - loads of up to 3,3 tons. Range allows to overcome the distance in kilometers 1300. A special feature of this machine is that it can be quickly converted from passenger to cargo variant and vice versa. The cargo version can carry vehicles or cargo containers, this has been achieved by the aircraft equipment in the tail of the car ramp.

Brief history of the Su-80

Development of the Su-80 began with 90-ies of the last century on the initiative of MP Design Simonov. Initially, the plane was designed for military needs. the original shape of the car was formed over two years. This unit had to make the transport of goods and passengers on the lines of local importance. The main task of the designers was to manufacture a qualitatively new version of the aircraft, which could supplant the old, lower-quality models of the same type.


With this project, the 1993 interested in KnAAPO that Komsomolsk. Through this funding the manufacture of Su-80 was made by combining data and design bureau Sukhoi. This model was included in the all-Russian federal program that was supposed to produce a fully funded, but almost no funds received. Because of this fabrication machine has been delayed multiple times.

Features of the aircraft such as Su-80

The basic concept of the aircraft was originally conceived by marketing research on the aviation market in our country and abroad. In addition, a thorough analysis of the fleet was carried out to conclude what kind of car it is necessary at this point. All the work done was to lead to the fact that the aircraft will be in demand both in our country and abroad.

Su-80 type aircraft differs from its predecessors in flight efficiency and excellent characteristics. In addition, this unit can be used on unpaved runways, allowing it to land on virtually any surface.


In addition to efficiency in operation of the aircraft Su-80 has a very comfortable lounge for passengers. The passenger compartment provides maximum comfort when flying on any distance. This model has the capability of equipment for special purpose aircraft.

Design features of the Su-80

The Su-80 made under the scheme vysokoplana double-girder, which is notable for its economy, for which he received worldwide recognition in the aviation market.

Aircraft wings are designed for caisson type with one spar. Due to the elaborate work of designers managed to achieve excellent aerodynamics even at high speeds. Wings fitted with flaps, which are divided into three sections. Most wing machine parts made of composite materials. In the middle of the wing box located fuel tanks. In addition, the wing mounted landing gear, and, most importantly, they placed the engines of the turbofan type. All loading produced by the tail ramp, even landing passengers.

Su-80 cabin

All feathering device is made in the normal way, the elevators on the wings and rudder on the tail have trimmers and compensators. With regard to the chassis of the machine, it is composed of three poles, which are removed in the body of the aircraft. The front leg of the Su-80 controlled, but does not brake systems, in contrast to the two rear legs. In addition, the rear supports are equipped with additional cushioning systems that mitigate the impact when landing. The machine is equipped with tubeless tires. This type of wheel system helps to extend battery life.

As for the power plant, that there should be noted that the first model was planned to equip the engine of domestic production theater-1500 type. But the development of this engine was delayed for a long time. For this reason, the power plant of the Su-80 consists of engine type ST7-9V that produces a foreign company. At take-off the engine delivers power in 1750 horsepower each. The choice of such an engine was the right decision, because it is characterized by its high efficiency and reliability, which is important in our time. At the moment, the engines of this type are produced in Russia, in a joint venture in Rybinsk.


This kind of engine meets all quality standards and adapted to work in the domestic fuel and oil. The power plant is equipped with an automatic fuel supply and analysis of all of the fuel equipment. All engines of the aircraft SU-80 equipped with screws, which have four blades. They are made by reversing type, and also provides for a system that provides feathering in emergency situations. sinhrofazirovaniya system reduces noise effects when flying at cruising speed.

aircraft navigation equipment has been specifically designed for the model of Su-80 by special order at the enterprise "Electroavtomatika". This equipment has the ability to communicate with the satellite, which greatly simplifies the work of the pilots. Our equipment is high quality, but at the customer's request the machine can be equipped with more sophisticated navigation devices of foreign manufacture.

In addition to standard machines such as the Su-80, today manufacturers are ready to offer new versions of the aircraft, which are designed to perform a specific task. The new machine generation Su-80 can be such special machines as medical, landing, patrol (with the equipment of the "Swift"), training, as well as numerous other modifications.


Su-80 (C-80) - aircraft for regional airlines and local development Experimental Design Bureau named Sukhoi. Designed Su-80P (passenger version) and Su-80GP (combi version).

In the sealed interior of the aircraft. It is designed to transport up to thirty passengers or 3300 kg of cargo for a distance up to 1300 kilometers. One of the characteristics of the aircraft are convertible, ie the ability to quickly re-equipment of cargo variatan the passenger and back. The presence of the cargo ramp enables aircraft to transport standard containers and motor vehicles.

Runway data and chassis with low-pressure tires enable the use of smaller aircraft on airfields, including dirt, ice and snow-covered. The aircraft is equipped with two turboprop engines from General Electric ST7-9V capacity of 1870 horsepower. Certification Standards AP-25 airworthiness was planned. It was not completed due to the actual completion of the program.


Su-80 exhibition


It was intended to replace the An-26, An-24, Yak-40.

The aircraft is a twin-boom vysokoplan normal aerodynamic scheme with straight wings with advanced mechanization and high aspect ratio. U-shaped tail feathers formed stabilizer and two keels on the beams that close the power circuit.

The fuselage of the aircraft - it is an independent unit with wing fasteners nodes, the nose landing gear and the supporting pylon. The beams are placed engines, cut the airplane systems and equipment .and placed in the fuselage cockpit radar compartment, cargo compartment and cabin avionics. Tricycle landing gear, retracted in flight, is equipped with a nose wheel. The landing - landing - passengers and unloading - cargo loading is done through ramp - ramp located in the tail of the fuselage.


Prospective projects


The aircraft in the future was worked under the various options for different customers:

  • - Utility experienced light aircraft product S80GP;
  • - Exploration plane S80GR product;
  • - Medical aircraft product S80M;
  • - Passenger light aircraft product S80P;
  • - Patrol and transport aircraft product S80PT;
  • - The Fish aircraft product S80R;
  • - Troop-light aircraft product S80TD.


Su-80 interior scheme

Su-80 interior scheme


Technical characteristics of the Su-80:

  • Crew: three people;

  • Passenger: 30 people in base configuration;

  • Length: 18,26 meters;

  • Wingspan: 23,18 meters;

  • Capacity: 3300 kilos;

  • The width of the passenger compartment: 2,17 meters;

  • The height of the passenger cabin: 1,82 meters;

  • the cargo compartment width: 2,17 meters;

  • The height of the cargo compartment: 1,82 meters;

  • the cargo compartment length: 7,75 meters;

  • The diameter of the fuselage: 2,4 meters;

  • Wing area: 44,36 square meters;

  • Wing sweep: 30 degrees

  • Maximum landing weight: 14050 kilos;

  • Takeoff gross weight: 14200 kilos (for SuperJet100-95LR 49450 kilos);

  • Pay load: 12245 kilos;

  • Empty weight 8350 kilos;

  • Mass fuel in the tanks: 3660 liters;

  • Powerplant: ST7-9V GE (two copies)

  • Link: 2 × 1750 horsepower;

  • Maximum speed: 470 kilometers per hour;

  • Cruising speed: 430 kilometers per hour;

  • Ferry range: 1300 kilometers;

  • Ceiling: 7600 meters;

  • Length of takeoff: 930 meters;

  • path length: 640 meters.


Su-80. Gallery.

Su-80 1 photoSu-80 2 photoSu-80 3 photo

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Su-80. Video.


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It is unclear why, together with the Chinese to build a regional airliner, if you already have a domestic long-flying Su-80, which has repeatedly demonstrated at MAKS.

For me, the Su-80 just super plane. I read a very - a lot of reviews and some are trying to lower not only the car, but its producers. I totally disagree with that, su-80 wonderful machine and it seems to me that the best aircraft will not be able to invent.

I would like to share something about the unusual project Sukhoi - Su-80. I, as a man ended MAI, found it interesting this type of air cargo transport, as it was going to claim the niche that held such legendary aircraft as AN-24 and Yak-40. Therefore, comparisons are inevitable. First, the appearance of offspring "Dry" is very different from the standard appearance of the AH or Yak. Viewed by me the plane was in the form dvuhbalochnogovysokoplana with U-shaped tail, which itself stands out from the framework of traditional ideas about airplanes. Also surprising way airplane loading passengers on the plane. In order to get into the interior enough to pass for a folding ramp, while lifting in competition cars salon need to use special traps. However, Su-80 loses to competitors on the capacity and roominess - 30 passengers in a "dry" versus 52 and 40 people in NA-24 and 40-Yak, respectively. Because of this, the project Sukhoi and was abandoned. By the number of the modifications it shows that the designers tried to adapt the aircraft to different purposes and in some cases succeeded, but take this machine could not niche passenger aviation, as the most significant characteristics, it is inferior to the dominant travel market competitors.

Su-80 for me is a good machine. And by the way, no, I hold this view. I flew on this plane many times and never complained nor comfort nor convenience or to land or take off. If I still have to fly, I would like to take a flight with this aircraft.

And when he made the first flight?