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The Su-31. A photo. History. Characteristics.



Sports aircraft such as Su-31 was developed in the design bureau Sukhoi. This machine is made on the basis of sports aircraft such as Su-26. In addition, it is considered one of the modifications of the Su-29.

Brief history of the Su-31

With regard to the history of the airplane, here it fully coincides with the course of the development of such a machine, as the Su-26M. The external appearance of the device is very similar to the previous version. In addition, new airplane in its design has an even greater number of composite materials. In the manufacture of machine designers use of all materials 70% composite. Due to this reduction of the fuselage and the designers managed to achieve reduction of the overall weight of the machine on 30 kilos compared to the Su-26M.

Su-31 white

The new machine has been equipped with a new and more powerful engine, which allows the unit to produce hang in the air.

The first Su-31 made his flight in the early summer of the year 1992 and 2 months after the car has been involved in the World Aerobatic Championships in France. In the same year the car was represented at the air show in Farnborough, and after that it was almost all the world's public displays. Russian national team aerobatics using Su-31 the world championships with 94 years. Each performance of the car in the competition ending with the highest international awards.

Design features of the Su-31

This machine is made by the type of cantilever mid. Sports Su-31 equipped with single cockpit. This machine has a significantly better aerodynamic performance than the previous one. By reducing the weight and the installation of more powerful engine aircraft features easy to operate and can perform complex sports figures. The new three-bladed propeller, which is made in Germany, allows the machine to develop greater speed during flight, increases the rate of ascent.

Su-31 in parsing

The aircraft features a large survey of a large area by cab glazing. In addition, it is equipped with two quite roomy trunk. Designers have been thought out and made a new chassis, which improves its service lines.

The power plant is represented by a new engine M-14PF that delivers power in 400 horsepower, but not highly reliable. Therefore, almost all Su-31 equipped with an engine M-14P, but it has less power. The aircraft has a high-quality screw-type MTV-9.

Due to the fact that the aircraft in its design has a large number of composite materials, its mass is very small and is only 650 kg, and normal weight at take-off is considered 780 kilos. Also, the ceiling was increased speed up to 450 km / h and lifting speed was 24 m / s. The design allows the aircraft to withstand the overload in the range of + 12 to -10 g.

Su-31 2 photo

The international certificate of quality, this machine was in 1994 year. It is confirmed that the product complies with all international requirements. A year later, the plane was acrobatic category, which is confirmed by a corresponding quality certificate. Since 1994 years 31 Su-plane began to export abroad.

Modifications and athletic performance Su-31

In addition to the standard Su-31, there is also Su-31M, which is characterized in that its structure is used ejection seat new model and set a new lantern cockpit. Another difference is that this machine is equipped with tanks, which are located in the wings. Export machine of this type was the name of Su-31H.

The export model was very popular among customers because it was more thorough and reliable. This machine has been increased flight range. This was mainly done through the installation of additional fuel tanks, which were located in the wings of the apparatus.

All machines of the type Su-31 have a high survivability. For emergency aircraft is equipped with the SCS-94 system that allows you to save the pilot's life by 45 meters high and up to 4 kilometers. This system shows ejection seat, which allows you to save the pilots at different flight speeds. It should be noted that this system is presented only in the sport plane. Even foreign counterparts do not like it. The modifications of the Su-31H exported to European countries and on other continents. The aircraft were purchased aeroclubs the Russian Federation, it is used for performances of our team at the world championships.

Su-31 cabin

The first world championship, which was attended by the aircraft, was very productive for the Su-31, as he finished third and distinguished figures are not available for similar machines.

World Cup year 96, which took place in the United States, for the Su-31 was very successful. Domestic athletes could get high international awards. With this aircraft in our country athletes we were able to win many medals at various world championships. Sports Su-31 for the time of their participation in the competition received gold 156, 105 69 silver and bronze medals. This confirms the quality of the machine and the pilots skills.

Su-31 characteristics:

Modification Sioux 31M
Wingspan, m 7.80
Aircraft Length m 6.78
Height, m 2.78
Wing area, m2 11.80
Weight, kg  
empty aircraft 650
normal takeoff 780
engine's type 1 PD M-14PF (M-14P)
Power, hp X 1 400 (360)
The maximum dive speed, km / h 450
Maximum speed km / h 380
Practical range, km 1200
Range, km 290
The maximum rate of climb, m / min 1440
Practical ceiling, m 4000
Max. operation overload 12
Crew 1


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I work as an instructor at the flying club and basically I was dealing with newcomers, but can sometimes be found participants for whom the sky is a real passion, and they want to make sense of this passion of his life: aerobatics, competitions and flying at extremely low altitudes. Typically, conventional Su-29 they are poorly suited. Yet this is the machine for beginners, but comes to the aid Su-31. The aircraft is able to give the pilot something was missing when flying on previous models: aerobatics with great congestion, better visibility, and smaller dimensions make it possible to maneuver more and more. When you sit in the cockpit, you will not feel discomfort after the change of the model of the machine. Usually it is the other way around, the new device - it means to be retrained again, again, get used to, but with the Su-31 different. You sit down, take off and quickly get used to the more supple and sensitive management felt worse overload. Each maneuver pleasure. Particular attention would be desirable to be paid boarding. The new form of the chassis allows the land even in bad weather conditions and a less quality coating without the risk of harm to the aircraft. Still want to add that in this model the "dry" may participate in the competition. He is able to compete in the competitions of regional scale and across the country.