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Building a future helicopter model
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Building a future helicopter model

Building a future helicopter model



24.08.2017 / Moscow

"Helicopters of Russia" and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation signed a contract for the formation of the concept of a high-speed combat helicopter.

The Helicopters of Russia (part of the Rostekh State Corporation) within the framework of the International Military Technical Forum "Army-2017" signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the concept of a high-speed combat helicopter (SBV).

"To date, the holding has developed a serious scientific and technical foundation for the project of a promising high-speed helicopter. The indicators and experience we obtained during the tests were considered by both the Defense Ministry and the Ministry of Defense to be sufficient for moving to the next stage - the formation of the concept of a high-speed combat helicopter. The contract signed today is a serious step in the new generation of helicopter construction with higher speeds and performance characteristics, "noted Andrey Boginsky, the general director of the holding company Helicopters of Russia.

The contract is designed for two years, according to the results of its execution, the shape of the SBC should be defined and a technical task for carrying out development work is formed.

(Helicopters of Russia).


Similar already time was:

*** «27.03.2013. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia concluded a contract with the holding company "Russian Helicopters" to carry out scientific research work on the high-speed helicopter project, Interfax reports with reference to the ministry's materials. Under this agreement, the Russian holding will receive 2,5 billion rubles. As expected, the research phase will be completed in November 2013 year. "


In a year.

*** «30.01.2014. The Moscow Helicopter Plant im.Milya (part of the Russian Helicopters holding company) will develop a preliminary and technical design of a new Russian advanced high-speed helicopter before the end of November 2015, a representative of the holding Roman Kirillov told Itar-Tass. The amount of the contract for research work will be up to 3,3 billion rubles. "

They "fulfilled" the contract for 4months and then the "Rachel" layout.

*** «13.05.2014. Russia will spend on the project to develop a promising high-speed helicopter about 7,5 billion rubles. This is, according to Interfax, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Yuri Slyusar. According to him, the funds for development will be allocated from the state budget. In addition, the holding company Helicopters of Russia will finance the project.

Total: 2.5 + 3.3 + 7.5 = 13.3million rubles. spent and there is a model of "Rachel", and there is no helicopter!

For the Ministry of Defense - 2year. And they do not write about journals yet, but the further ways of "fighters for the withdrawal of banknotes" (Ostap Bender) from the State will, I presume, have been indicated above. I can see the difference: previously they had a bunch of contracts with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, which is with them in one ideology, now they are dealing with the Ministry of Defense, which, if the treaty is not implemented, can also show solid penalties. Therefore, it seems to me that the designers of the MVZ this time will not have to collect mock-ups for the exhibition, but build true helicopters, yes according to the agreement! Experience of design and construction, however, they do not, but there is a good reserve left to them by the outstanding M.N. Tishchenko - "the 280 product", so that "face in the dirt" should not be hit.

                Building a future helicopter model


"The maximum speed of the machine was planned to be 380-420 km / h.

In the rotorcraft, the elements of the serial Mi-24 were used. The length of the car was about 2 / 3 from Mi-24. The compactness, spaced along the wing engines and high speed of flight, increased the survival rate of the machine over the battlefield. The cross-sectional scheme guaranteed a safe bailout of the crew outside the screw disks.

The project of such a car was made in 1973 year, the rotorcraft was equipped with two engines TVZ-117F with the power of 2800 hp. each, with two supporting screws with a diameter of 10,3 m and a propelling propeller, the take-off mass was 11,5 tons. "


Building a future helicopter model



Grace! Even the "formation of the concept of a high-speed combat helicopter (SBV) ..." is no longer in force, "the appearance of the SBV" has already been defined, and NIRs have been conducted. But improvements are still required, because stagnation in technology is available only in the cost center, and today composite materials, engines, electronics, for combat helicopters - and weapons. For example, the complex of anti-tank equipment of the Ka-52 helicopter in Syria seized the target from a distance of 10km, and the launch of supersonic rockets "Vortex-1" was carried out with 8km.

According to the missiles from Mi-28M, which is expected in the troops with 2018year, "Tass reports with reference to the general designer of the enterprise Valery Kashin:

"We are modernizing the Ataka and Chrysanthema missiles to provide a higher range of detection, capture and destruction of targets specifically for Mi-28NM. A new missile system adapts to the complex of guided missile weapons on board the helicopter, "Kashin said."

After the modernization, the range of ATAD ATAKA will increase from six to eight kilometers, the source told the agency.

While at Ka-52 after the modernization of the anti-tank complex, the launch of the Chrysanthemum missiles will be carried out from the range of up to 20km, then the Mi-28M range of ATAD ATAKA will increase from six to eight kilometers. " Let's say straight: "Not thick!". For modern combat operations, this is not a complex, but a fraud, because the NATO tanks that have already been surrounded on all sides, the range of air defense far beyond the Soviet tanks 40-year-old, which were destroyed by helicopters KA-52 in Palmyra.

Itself-coaxial helicopters leave behind the firm "Kamov" remembering that the ingenious designer Sergei Viktorovich Mikheev did not give mediocre technique and that's the proof of B-100.

Building a future helicopter model


"In 1975-76 years. Within the framework of the work on the concept of prospective combat helicopters, the design of the rotor-type V-100 with a transverse arrangement of the rotor screws and a propulsive propulsive prop from the rear, between the two-kilo tail unit, was developed (in "Kamov"). Two gas turbine engines AI-20D, leading all three screws through the transmission, were to be located in the center of the high-winged wing of the large elongation. The battle load in 3000 kg was distributed over 8 suspension points under the wing and fuselage. The crew consisted of two people - a pilot and an armament operator, which included controlled and unguided air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, bombs, suspension containers with guns, and so on. It was assumed that with a combat load of 3000 kg, it could fly at a speed of 450 km / h climb to a height of up to 6500 m and have a range of 700 km.

The project, distinguished by a high degree of novelty of technical solutions and extraordinary high performance, was presented to the customer in 1975. But, although it was highly appreciated, it was not realized, mainly because of the unsatisfactory mass-dimensional characteristics of the devices of such a scheme. "

Impressive is not only high speed, but also the range with combat load in 3000. - 700km and, of course, the ceiling in 6500.

And as for the "unsatisfactory mass-dimensions" - it's just another far-fetched! But how they were needed in Syria, where the attack helicopters operate according to the scheme worked out by the army pilots-testers BUG (Combat Strike Group) in Chechnya on Ka-50 helicopters "Black Shark", i.e. go out on the target, which was previously reconnoitered by unmanned aerial vehicles, planes, from the Cosmos.

The Ka-52 helicopter proved to be an excellent combat helicopter in Syria!

"He said that the Ka-52 helicopter is of very good quality. "The Syrian campaign showed that this is one of the most popular and best military helicopters," Yuri Borisov said. "(Deputy Minister of Defense, 1 July 2016, AEX.RU). We wish good luck to both KB, and our combat pilots to change from the old-time junk "Mi" to new, high-speed and reliable helicopters, and with a large reserve of power, as in V-100 or the "Black Shark"!


Vitalii Belyaev.


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