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9 2012 August, the "IRPA №.407» Media demonstrated UAV "Siberian Crane-BM". At the time, drone was already fully ready for serial production. LA created within the aviation complex "Filin", which, in addition to the UAV includes items maintenance and management. Minsk Aircraft Repair Plant built the "Siberian Crane-BM" for monitoring distant areas of water and land surfaces and different types of aircraft towing targets. Automatic control system developed Belarusian company LLC "Cuando IP."

UAV has a relatively small size (length LA - 3 meters, wingspan - 3,8 m) and a weight of the payload (85 kg). It is capable of speeds up to 150 km / h with a range of in 300 km. Service ceiling - 3,5 km.

We create unmanned conducted over 5 years, first showed in the result of 2009 year. Then the "Siberian Crane-BM" introduced as the medium-range UAV. According to preliminary estimates of designing, constructing and gathering unit cost plant in 500000 dollars. The production model will cost the customer in 250000 dollars. The cost of the whole complex - 1,5 dollars. At the moment, only the representative of Cuba became interested in drones "Siberian Crane-BM".

Многофункциональный БЛА способен решать следующие задачи: воздушная разведка с автоматическим определением координат заданной цели и их передача на НПУ; осмотр местности, морских и сухопутных границ, водных акваторий; дистанционное зондирование экологии и природных ресурсов; мониторинг мест чрезвычайных ситуаций и последствий стихийных бедствий; разведка с/г угодий; вспомогательная помощь при осуществлении контроля за дорожной ситуацией или конкретными районами территории; фотосъемка в интересах картографии и геодезии; проведение диагностических работ в местах пролегания линий электропередач, трубопроводов, поиск очагов лесных пожаров; ведение радиоэлектронной борьбы и многое другое.

For the period of 2013 years it was built a few prototypes of the UAV units. Serial production will be carried out depending on the number of orders. Manufacturer engaged 15 selected specialists in Belarus. According to preliminary plans, the power plant will produce about 10 serial samples "Siberian Crane-BM".

The first phase of the factory test flight involves flying on the specified routes and off-line with the landing runway length in meters 350. "Siberian Crane-BM" is the first UAV in the CIS, which has an automatic mode and is ready for serial production.

The main part of the control system performs automatic ACS-7.0, allowing drone can be operated in automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes. In addition, ACS is able to connect to a modern interface, payload or additional equipment.

Experts "IRPA" developed several variants of useful payload:


  1. Aerial camera - CanonEOS5Db 5DMk.II.

  2. Opto-thermal systems - ColibriDUO, OTUS, COH-820, TASEDUO.

  3. Infrared target.

  4. Mini-Radar NanoSARB.

The peculiarity of this drone is its complete automation, including takeoff and landing. All that is required from the operator - set the route and click start, everything else will make their own UAVs. In the event of an emergency landing UAV will carry out with the help of a parachute. The operating system for the SAU used Linux. For navigation area meets Google Maps.

Engine - petrol piston. For data acquisition system meets the GPS, you can also use GLONASS.

Minsk Aircraft Repair Plant intends to distribute the drone in the domestic market. It is primarily aimed at the Ministry of Defence, Emergency Situations and for the Interior. At present, these agencies are considering the proposal "IRPA" and negotiate. Apart from Belarus, the UAV "Siberian Crane-BM" will be supplied to other countries of the CIS, Africa and Europe.

Sterkh-BM. Characteristics:

Modification Sterkh-BM
The diameter of the rotor, m 3.80
Length m 3.00
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 85
engine's type 1 PD 3W 201iB2F TS
Power, hp X 1 20
Maximum speed km / h 150
Cruising speed, km / h 110
Practical range, km 300
Radius of action, km 150
Flight duration, h 3
Practical ceiling, m 3500


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