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SSBJ - Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet. C-21. Photo. Story. Characteristics.


Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet - project supersonic passenger plane belonging to the business class, which was developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau. According to the project of "Dry" has cooperated with the companies Dassault Aviation, Gulfstream Aerospace and many Chinese firms. Today, the fate of SSBJ C-21, as well as Tu-444, remains unclear.

In 1981 year to start development and C-21-51 on the initiative of the designer Mikhail Petrovich Simonov. The project was headed by Mikhail Pogosyan, deputy chief designer.


Analysis of commercial operation "Concordia" and Tu-144 showed that with the increase in fuel prices supersonic aircraft will not compete in the segment of mass transit more efficient subsonic airliners. The number of passengers who are willing to pay extra for speed, small and is determined, as a rule, senior officials and representatives of big business. The priority routes are the airlines, which connect the world capitals. It is, in fact, define the concept of aircraft designed to carry eight to ten passengers at a distance of seven to ten thousand kilometers (non-stop flight between the cities located on one cohort and one in-flight refueling in any capital of the world). No less important is the reduction of the length of the path with a view to a plane could take airports in the world.

During operation of the aircraft were analyzed various options for layout: two, three or four engines. The collapse of the Soviet Union has led to the termination of funding for the program. Sukhoi Design Bureau was engaged in the search for independent investors. In the early 1990-s work was carried out together with the well-known company Gulfstream Aerospace. The variants Together with two English engines which were designated S-21G. But 1992, the US company refused to finance the project, suggesting that the costs in the future will be very heavy. As a result, the project had to be suspended.

However, very soon, in 1993 year, Russian investors have been found and the project resumed. 25 million dollars from investors allowed to complete the design. Experts tested the models of aircraft in wind turbines and ground testing of engines.

SSBJ photo

In 1999 the aircraft was shown at the air show in Le Bourget. There MP Simonov said that for the beginning of serial release liner (as well as completion of all work on the aircraft) will take about 1 billion. With full and timely financing of aircraft can take off in 2002 year, and the price of the same model would be about 50 million. Then consider the possibility of continuing work on the project with the company Dassault Aviation, but the deal broke.

Sukhoi in 2000 year trying to find investors for the project in China.

To date, the investment for the completion of the aircraft has not been found. Even in the state program "Development of the aviation industry on 2013-2025 years", which was adopted at the end of the year 2012, mention of the plane SSBJ completely absent.

Features SSBJ - Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet

The size of the aircraft

  • Length, m 28

  • height, m ​​6,5

  • wingspan, m 20

  • Wing area, m 114

  • Crew 2

  • Number of passengers 6-8

  • Engines, col. / Type 4 / AL-31F

  • Engine thrust

  • (without afterburner), kgf .... 30000

  • Takeoff weight (max), kg .... 60000

  • Empty weight, kg .... 24000

  • Fuel Weight (max), kg .... 36000

  • Commercial load kg ... 1000


Kreis. speed

  • - Supersonic (M = 2, H = 18000m), km / h 2125

  • - Subsonic (M = 0,95), km / h 1050


Practical range, km


Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet. Gallery.

Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet photo 1Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet photo 2Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet photo 3

Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet photo 4Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet photo 5Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet photo 6

Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet photo 7Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet photo 8Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet photo 9


Sukhoi Supersonic Business Jet. Video.

  • at M = 2 ........ 9000

  • at M = 0,95 .... 5000

  • Required runway length, m 1200


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