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Sikorsky S-52
Sikorsky S-52. A photo. Characteristics.

Sikorsky S-52


Sikorsky S-52 - the American multi-purpose helicopter. The US Marine Corps had the designation HO5S-1.


Sikorsky S-52 photo.

Sikorsky S-52 photo.

The helicopter was created by "Sikorsky Aircraft". Designed as a multi-purpose civilian helicopter.


Sikorsky S-52 photo. 2

Sikorsky S-52 photo.


The first flight was made in 1947 year. Were built 97 helicopters S-52 all modifications.


Features helicopter Sikorsky S-52:



  • The diameter of the main rotor: 10,06m

  • The diameter of the tail rotor: 2,69m

  • Length: 8,78m

  • Height: 4,69m

  • Empty weight: 800kg

  • The highest take-off weight: 1225kg

  • Engine Type: 1hPD Franklin O4251

  • Power: 1h183kVt

  • Maximum speed: 130km / h

  • The speed at FL: 117km / h

  • Crew: 1-2

  • The greatest number of passengers: 2-3


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