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Sid Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.
Sid Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.

Sid Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo.



Sid was born in Johannesburg (South Africa). Before the beginning Second World War He studied at the medical school. He gave up his studies and decided to go to war, joining the South African Air Force. In 1942, after the end of the summer course, the command was sent to North Africa. There Sid flew at Kittyhawk composed 4-Squadron.

Sid Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 1


Soon, his unit was transplanted on newcomers "Spitfires" purchased in England. After some time, he was sent to 11-Squadron, which flew to Italy. Then I fought there. By the end of the war, Cohen was promoted to the rank of captain.

He was one of the pilots, for whom the war in Israel recruited Boris Señor during his visit to South Africa, which took place in the spring of the year 1948. Cohen at the end of June came to Palestine as a passenger of one of the Dakotas, which in South Africa purchased Senor. But a week later Syd sent to Czechoslovakia to study in S-199.

Sid Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 2


Trained Cohen only a few days (due to his past military experience), then he returned and began to fly in 101-Squadron. The debut sortie he produced in tandem with Forest steps. This happened in July 12, goal was to cover Mishmar Hayardena. Upon arrival at the patrol area Sid decided to test a weapon and opened fire. Unfortunately one of the bullets landed in the propeller aircraft - it was a failure S-199, common in aircraft of this model. The Czechs sold to Israelis ammunition made in Germany - packed gunpowder led to cases of lumbago own propeller aircraft. Sid had to jump with a parachute.

Sid Cohen. Biography. Fighting. Ranks. A photo. 3


In early autumn, the Mediterranean Sea has lined Cohen Arab artillery. And he had to jump again. Like the first time landed successfully and without much hassle got to his.

Cohen was involved in the operation "Velvetta 1". The operation was a distillation of "Spitfires" from Czechoslovakia to Israel.

After the end of hostilities Sid returned to South Africa, and there continued his medical education. At the end of his emigrated to Israel. There he served in the medical department of the Israeli Air Force.


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