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Short 330
Short 330

Short 330. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.



Short 330 - British short-haul turboprop aircraft. It is produced in the cargo and passenger versions.

Sproetirovan by "Short" (England) on the basis of Short SC.7 Skyvan. It made its first flight in 1974 year.

Short 330 commercially produced in 1974-1984 years. There were created 136 aircraft in several vehicles and passenger versions. The aircraft used in military transport aviation of some countries - as a transport medium plane. Civil aviation companies to 2008 24 year operated aircraft of this type. By 2011 year in civilian aircraft operation were fifteen, seven of them - in the Air Cargo Carriers aviation company.


Short 330 Salon

Short 330 Salon


Short 330 -podkosny monoplane with two-keel fins and high-wing. The square cross section of the fuselage. Samoleta- distinctive property located in the upper part of the fuselage of the fuel tanks.




Crew: two;

Passenger: 30 people in base configuration;

Length: 17,96 meters;

Wingspan: 22,76 meters;

Height: 4,95 meters;

Wing area: 42,10 square meters;

Maximum takeoff weight: 10 380 kilos;

Empty weight: 6680 kilos;

Weight Fuel: 2180 kilos;

Powerplant: theater Pratt Whitney Canada PT6A-45R (two copies);

Link: 2 × 1200 horsepower;

Maximum speed: 440 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 3,048 meters;

Cruising speed: 350 kilometers per hour;

Ferry range: 515 kilometers;

Service ceiling: 3050 meters;


Short 330. Gallery.

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Short 330. Video.


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