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Downed Su-24 in Syria: reverse view of the tragedy.
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Downed Su-24 in Syria: reverse view of the tragedy.

Downed Su-24 in Syria: reverse view of the tragedy.


To date, all the public attention drawn to the case of the destruction of the Turkish Air Force of the Russian Sukhoi Su-24. Russian President has said that Turkey will receive a hard answer for their actions, that in all probability lead to a complete freeze of any political interaction with this country, however, despite the fact that has actually proved the destruction of the Russian bomber in the territory Syria and Turkey are not, as was stated by the Turkish President, there are other circumstances to which attention should be paid.



Oddly enough, but the command group videoconferencing Russian Federation on the territory of Syria should declare a real reprimand, and for this there is every reason associated with untested circumstances of conducting bombings grouping items "Islamic state." The whole point is that the Russian frontline bombers carried out the flight without proper cover from the fighters at the same time, well aware that this modification of the aircraft is not equipped with a hover warning means the target of missiles, that is, in fact, the pilots of the Russian combat aircraft hardly aware of the fact that the Turkish armed F-16 imposed on their aircraft. In addition, given the fact that the Russian aircraft had to carry span near the borders of another country, support of combat aircraft was to be sure to have a place, and it is likely, if it was thought the command, the tragedy and the scandal could have been avoided.



At first glance it may seem that the absence of a matching cover for the group, but just a few hours after the destruction of the Russian aircraft Su-24 in Syria, the error was repeated again, in doing so, despite the fact that the specialists little paid attention to this factor, died another soldier of the Russian Federation. In particular, it is worth noting that the search and rescue operation to find the place of the alleged co-pilot helicopters Mi-8 were sent on board the other soldiers. It remains unknown why the combat vehicles headed to the site of the fighting without the support of the group - given the experience of Afghanistan, helicopters Mi-8 always accompanied by military Mi-24, able to suppress enemy fire. However, due to lack of proper cover is supposed to be armed Islamists took advantage of the ATGM system and implemented a shot at the helicopter Mi-8, which led to the already mentioned above, the death of a soldier-contractor.



Because such "laxity" of this kind are the bottlenecks that lead to irreparable circumstances, in particular, to express in the deaths of two Russian soldiers and destroying the bomber. It is logical to assume that from now these vulnerabilities are properly addressed, however, if this had been done in advance, then in all likelihood, any fatalities could be avoided altogether.


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