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Ukraine Aircraft
Ukraine Aircraft

Ukraine Aircraft


Having made the conquest of the air space with the help of special machines, the beginning of a new era of humanity - to overcome huge distances at high speeds. Considerable contribution to the development of the aircraft industry invested Ukrainian scientists. The first of them was Igor Sikorsky. About 90% of helicopters in the world constructed by the scheme KPI graduate. A production of aircraft Antonov ASTC whole world knows. That AN-124 «Ruslan" and AN-225 «Mriya" are masterpieces of world aircraft. They have no analogues.

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a319 Ukraine


"Flyer-1» - the first manned motorized machine that could fly 37 meters with a period of 12 seconds. His brothers carried Wilbur and Orville Wright, and thereby opened a new stage in the development of mankind.

After that, almost all advanced countries have begun to contribute to the development of the air. Similarly, work was carried out in Tsarist Russia. First Steps in Ukraine have been committed in the CPI in the year 1899. Initially, this occupation was considered a "hobby" of individual enthusiasts, but over time began to gain momentum unthinkable. Beginning of the creation of the fifth aeronautic department. It was headed by N. Artemov. Between 1905 1906 on year at CPI organized the aeronautical section. A year later, in November aeronautic circle reorganized in department helicopters, airplanes, engines and ornithopter. In 1908, Professor Artemyev began to conduct experiments with the model propeller flywheel. A winter began testing large models of gliders. They run with the help of a catapult.

A year later, in the spring, a professor of Delaunay with his sons and friends of teachers KPI Harfa and Ganitskim constructed the first glider. It was a biplane with the balancing control. three were designed airframe. At this time the circle had more than 200 members, among whom were the future aviators - Bilinkin, Adler, Karpeko and Sikorsky. During the period at 1909 1912 year we were built over 40 different aircraft engines. In June 1910 year made its first flight of domestic aircraft. All parts except the engine were made in Ukraine. Chief designer and the pilot was A. Kudashev.


en-225 Ukraine


The founders of the Ukrainian aviation think Cherkasy natives - Kasyanenko brothers. Between 1910 1921 for a year under their leadership in KPI built six aircraft. The most outstanding of their creation was "Kasyanenko-4» - monoplane with low-power engine. In addition, the brothers engaged in the design of propellers. The outstanding figure in Kiev at the time was considered a D. Grigorovich, and after some time he became famous Soviet aircraft designer. In parallel, the construction of the bi-engine monoplane with "Hacke" at KPI engaged student Jordan. He built the aircraft on their own. The project has been promising, but due to lack of funds at the end of 13-year work stopped.

Konstantin Kalinin 1922 year built the first mass-produced aircraft K-1. A series of reproduced at the Kharkov aircraft factory. Follow-K and K-4 5 20 some years been the main passenger aviamashinami USSR. A native of the city of Zhytomyr S. Korolev also studied at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. In 1928, he constructed a glider KPIR-3. He was the founder of the idea of ​​a jet engine. A. Mikulin many years after the end of the CPI made engines for aircraft, which have become famous pilots Gromov and Chkalov flew over the North Pole. The largest aircraft of the time, "Maxim Gorky" and took off on motors Mikulin. Its the same engines installed on IL-2, 8-Pe and Tu-104. The idea and practice to create a turbo jet engine belongs to A. COT.




History of the Air Force of Ukraine begins with 1918 year period of creation of the UPR. Zaporizhia aeronautic aircraft squadron accrued 40. One of the most prominent Ukrainian pilots who fought during WWII, was Ivan Kozhedub - three times Hero of the Soviet Union. He has 62 aerial victories. It is considered the number one among the ace pilots in the Soviet Union. With Gritsevets won 40 aerial victories, and has twice been awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

To date, the Ukrainian Air Force consists of 5 types of aircraft. These include air corps, training centers and individual personnel division. The centers are preparing the Kiev Institute of the Air Force and the Kharkiv Institute of pilots.

At this point in the Ukraine work 40 high-tech companies and businesses, which are combined in the aerospace industry of the country. All specialists are prepared in 5 schools, chief among which is considered to ASTC. О. Antonova. In the period from inception (1946) and up to now ASTC designed over 20 types of military transport, passenger and specialized aircraft. In addition, it was released about 100 aircraft modifications. The most famous world creation - AN-225 «Mriya». It is the largest aircraft in the world. Antonovskii giant was in front of him - the AN-124 «Ruslan». In terms of the military industry Antonovites developed AN-70 - military freighter short takeoff and landing. A promising project was to develop passenger aircraft AN-140. Perspective is the price, because it is much cheaper than foreign analogues.




Practically all the planes of Ukrainian origin are equipped with domestic engines, developed Zaporozhye Bureau "Progress". Serial production provides "Motor Sich", thereby serving more than 60 different types of aircraft engines. The total number of factories and design bureaus involved in the development and manufacture of aircraft equipment, - 26.


The structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine currently has a number of different types of aircraft.


Combat aircraft Ukraine 434

Combat aircraft machine Ukraine:

  1. Su-27. Modifications - 27UB1M Su-Su-27S1M, 27P1M Su-Su-27UP1M. Several dozen are stored. Total - 70 units.
  2. MiG-29. Modifications - MiG-29MU1. Several dozen are in fighting condition. Total - 238 units.
  3. Sioux 24M. On arms - 36 units. Several dozen - in storage.
  4. Sioux 24MR. On arms are 35 units.
  5. Su-25. Remodeling - Sioux 25M1. On arms - 36 units.


Combat aircraft Ukraine 10

Air Transport machines Ukraine:

  1. An-70. Armed with 1 unit.
  2. IL-76MD. The total number of operating aircraft - 6 units. 57 - in storage.
  3. Tu-134AK. 2 units involved, 4 in storage.
  4. An-24B. 2 units involved, 5 in storage.
  5. An-26. 17 units involved, 16 in storage.
  6. An-30B. 2 aircraft involved, 3 stored.


Combat aircraft Ukraine

Training aircraft machine Ukraine:

  1. A-39. Modifications - A-39M1. Total - 38 units.


UAV Ukraine:

  1. Tu-141. Total unknown.
  2. Tu-143. Total unknown.
  3. Bird-Eye400. Total - 1 unit.
  4. Microvisor SM7. Total - 1 unit.


Combat aircraft Ukraine 4

Ukraine is among the countries 9 with full cycle of production aircraft. Taking this into account, to the outside world market maintained a large flow of aircraft. But much of the exports of machinery refers to the aircraft removed from the country's weapons. The main disadvantage in this situation is that the majority of copies sold - the best technical condition. Because of this, the country's defense falls catastrophically.


The most basic transactions for the sale of aircraft during 2000-ies are:

- MiG 27M - 6 units in Sri Lanka;

- 2005-2012 year - 50 UAV BP-3 «Race», 231 military aircraft and helicopters.

Combat aircraft Ukraine 2

The aviation industry of Ukraine is composed of the following companies:


City Company
Zaporozhye PJSC Motor Sich
lions Lviv Aircraft Repair Plant
Vinnitsa Vinnitsa Aviation Plant
Zaporozhye Zaporozhye State Aircraft Repair Plant
Kiev Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex named after Antonov
Kiev Kiev Aviation Plant "Aviant"
Kiev Plant №410 civil aviation
Kharkiv Kharkiv State Aviation Production Enterprise
Kiev GP Research Institute "Buran"
Kharkiv SE "Kharkov aggregate design bureau"
Kharkiv Kharkov machine-building plant "FED"
Zaporozhye Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau "Progress". Academician Ivchenko "
Khmelnitsky "Novator" enterprise
Kiev "Radioizmeritel» Enterprise


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Combat aircraft Ukraine

The most legendary creation of the Russian aircraft is considered to be a product ASTC - An-225 «Mriya". This freighter with a load capacity of extra high. He designed and built in the period from 1984 1988 on year. For his own abilities and the amount of "Mriya" refers to the unique aircraft.

Its creation meant the solution of complex problems associated with multi-purpose carriage of goods with a total weight of up to 250 tons. An-225 200 able to carry out in a non-stop operation within the continent and between continents 150 t. The aircraft is considered to be the basis for the design of aerospace systems. The cargo compartment can hold inside 16 10-ten-VAR, three aircraft "Boeing" with removed wings, 50 cars.

Combat aircraft Ukraine

Ukrainian airlines

  1. Aero-Charter- Operates charter transportation business throughout Ukraine.
  2. «Aerostar"- Offers specialized services taxi.
  3. «AeroSvit"- The biggest airline in Ukraine.
  4. «Urga"- Maintains contacts with the UN charter and in Ukraine.
  5. «Aviatrans-K"- Charter flights.
  6. «Center for Business Aviation"- Engaged in the services of air taxi and charter flights.
  7. «Challenge Aero"- Charter and scheduled flights.
  8. Airline "Constant"- Deals with charter flights within the country.
  9. «Dniproavia"- Mostly carries domestic flights.
  10. "Donbassaero"- Is Eastern Airlines of Ukraine.
  11. "Ilyich-Avia"- Charter and regular flights from Mariupol.
  12. Airline "Horse"- Deals on flights world-class and small regular programs of Jules.
  13. "MRK"- Charter and scheduled flights.
  14. Airline "Motor Sich"- Charter and regular flights from Zaporozhye.
  15. "Ukraine International Airlines"- One of the major national airlines.
  16. "UTair Ukraine"- The East-Ukrainian regular airline.
  17. Airline "Vega"- Business aviation in Ukraine.
  18. "Rose of Wind"- Operates charter international flights within the country.
  19. "Wizz Air Ukraine"- Such as the budget airline.
  20. "Yuzmashavia"- Deals with charter flights.


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