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plane technoavia rysachok
plane technoavia rysachok

plane technoavia rysachok


The plane "technoavia rysachok" is a multipurpose twin-engine turboprop aircraft developed by Research-and-commercial company "Tekhnoavia." It is engaged in the production of Samara Space Center at the Samara plant. In class and purpose is similar to the aircraft A-410 and An-28.

The first plane "technoavia rysachok" intended for use in civil aviation flight schools as a training ship exhaust. However, it is intended to revive the Russian regional air transport system and come in the field of training, replacing the AN-2.

Airplane "Rysachek" can be used to perform such aerial work:


  • Cargo transportation to 1,5 tonnes;
  • transportation of passengers on 10 2 km distance;
  • landing parachutists (fifteen parachutists athletes);
  • patrol the maritime and land borders, oil and gas pipelines, roads, power lines and so on. n .;
  • transportation 6-five patients lying on a stretcher, accompanied by a medic in the ambulance version;
  • search and rescue operations, namely transport and landing troops untrained rescuers to the site chosen by airdrop or air;
  • implementation of environmental monitoring and aerial photography.


It is worth noting that the new model is unpretentious and is able to climb into the sky from the ground pads (500 meters long) and is designed to load 1,57 m. To fly a plane "technoavia rysachok" can crew consisting of two people.

As for the passenger compartment, its capacity is designed for flight passengers 10. Not so long ago it became known that this model has been improved: at the long version of the aircraft is increased capacity to 16 19 or passengers. The plane "technoavia rysachok" easy to be significant competition for foreign air vehicles of the same class as the price 1 instance will not be higher 3 million.


According to the results of the contest, held on June 25 2007, at "Research and Commercial Company" Tekhnoavia "was awarded a contract to perform R & D. It was headed by Vyacheslav Kondratyev, long known in the world of aviation. In Soviet times, he worked in OSKB MAI and Yakovlev Design Bureau. Kondratiev was in Sukhoi chief designer. His first attempt to create a Su-26 was not entirely successful, but after his perfection he gave Sioux 26M for which he was grateful to the pilots athletes. Firm "Tekhnoavia" appeared in the early 90-ies. It has implemented a number of projects light aircraft (one of the most famous among them was the SM-92 «Finist" (released about 30 machines)). And if anyone was a force to implement a technical task, it is just Kondratyev.

In 2007 25 year in June between the state customer, namely the Ulyanovsk Higher Aviation School and "Tekhnoavia" signed an agreement on the creation of an experimental batch of five aircraft. In the Samara Space Center saddled production order.


Its first flight "technoavia rysachok" made 3 2010 December, he was equipped with engine produced by Walter M601 Walter Engines (Czech Republic). In the beginning, the company 2011 "Tekhnoavia" company signed an agreement with GE Aviation for the supply of engines General Electric H80 (M601 modification for use in a hot climate and improved altitude).


2 2011 June was completed the first flight test aircraft, after which he was transferred to the passing of the certification flight tests have been LII. Gromova, which was to decide, whether the plane will go into production. "Technoavia rysachok" exhibited and flown at the MAKS-2011.


In the current year between the company and UVAUGA "Tekhnoavia" trial. Parties after the six-month trials entered into a settlement agreement: cancel the recovery of a sum of money to UVAUGA, consider a contract to develop a multi-purpose aircraft terminated since 10 May 2012 city

31 May 2012 year on the grounds that the Ulyanovsk flying school has refused to fully accept and pay by aircraft from the company "Tekhnoavia" before the Samara Space Center was formed arrears - 147,7 mln. Rubles. It turned out that "Tekhnoavia" there is no such amount, and maintenance of the claim the company "Samara Space Center" received the aircraft "technoavia rysachok." They, in turn, conducted the certification and did everything to organize the sale. All costs "Samara Space Center" were approved, "Roskosmos".


In 2013, it began flight tests of the aircraft and the certification plan lasted 1,5 years. Today certification participated 3 flight instance ten local versions. With regard to the fourth plane, it will be designed for sixteen passengers and have lengthened fuselage. To date, ten-planes "technoavia rysachok" fly under the certification of the aircraft shestnadtsatimestnogo since 90% certification tests completely overlap. The biggest change, according to Kondratieff, a lengthening of the fuselage. Increasing the length of the fuselage will not be displayed on the flight characteristics, but with the price of the passenger-seat reduced by half.

Ministry of Industry at the end of 2012 announced the start of mass production "technoavia rysachok", which is planned for the year 2015. The plan should be released 320 machines devyatimestnom variant up to 2025, however, according to the principal designer VP Kondratiev company NKF "Tekhnoavia" goes into production shestnadtsatimestny Rysachka option. Furthermore, this modification is almost the same size as "Glezh" - devyatnadtsatimestny aircraft production is planned to deal with the Ministry of Industry.


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