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The plane "Rama"
The plane "Rama"

The plane "Rama"


The plane "Focke-Wulf» Fw 189, he same aircraft, "Rama" is a twin-engined twin-boom reconnaissance ship. In 1938 year he made his first flight, and began to be used with 1940 In serial production was up to the middle of 1944 Its main use was in military action in opposition to the Soviet Union.

Manufacturing and design of the aircraft, "Rama"


The Ministry of Aviation in Germany 1937 year issued a technical specification for the creation of a tactical reconnaissance plane-spotter, having the best possible view. Some of the contractors concerned the company "Focke-Wulf", "Arado" and "Hamburger Flyugtsoygbau." The company "Focke-Wulf" was created alternative scheme of the aircraft, dubbed Fw 189. Development of the aircraft belonged to engineer E. Goat and designer Kurt Tank with many standard design solutions aimed at improving the review, aerodynamics, manufacturability, reliability and versatility of the aircraft. Accepted used 2 engine of French production "Argus 410», and equip them to wing. Two tail boom contributed to a better aerodynamic performance. They ended in keels, between which the horizontal tailplane. For the crew meant the central gondola. She had a teardrop shape that almost all glazed. The company "Blomm + Voss" by the acronym BV 141 offered its own project reconnaissance aircraft, which features a powerful motor deficit, ideas asymmetric airframe. But since "Blomm + Voss" far behind "Focke-Wulf" in the amount of production pre-production samples, it was the refusal of mass production.

For the production of assault version of the aircraft used the first prototype. However, at the end of 1938, he was removed from testing and returned to the factory, where it was replaced by a gondola on the central arc is much smaller. This armored capsule that barely housed a gunner and pilot, are back to back. Review of the pilot - a tiny bulletproof glass in the cap, leans back. The shooter opened fire from a machine gun MG15 through small loopholes Armoured viewfinder.


Advanced prototype became known Fw 189V1b. As a result, a review of the pilot's seat is insufficient, and the shooter, even in the tail of the aircraft could not see the attacking fighter. As a result of the modification returned to the factory for modification. As a result, increased glass area cab, and the sight was replaced with a recess, which improved the review back (but the same was not much of an overview of the sides). Fw 189V1ta after amendment goes with Hs 129V2 and V3, its closest competitors tested. Through test flights it became known that single compact plane "Henschel" was less vulnerable to air defenses, only Equi pilot had worse than that, "Focke-Wulf", and while handling Fw 189V1b noted bad, then Hs 129 simply disgusting. In the end, the winner is the Hs 129. But the development of assault variant Fw 189 at this stage not completed.

At the end of the year 1942 appeared "ersatz attack» Fw189A-4, produced in small quantities. This aircraft has a glazed gondola scout while MG17 machine guns in the wings were replaced by two dvadtsatimillimetrovymi guns MG FF. Moreover, fuel tanks, engines and cockpit is partially covered a thin bottom armor.


Aircraft Fw 189 produced in large quantities at the company's Aero, located in Prague-Vysocany, which since 1941 years, has become a major manufacturing enterprise fellow scouts. Then the Prague plant passed 151 plane Fw 189A and Bremen - 99. And the factory Aero produces educational Ar 96, equipped with exactly the same motors As 410. Release engine has been adjusted on site - the company engaged in the production of the company in Prague-Jinonice. And yet 2 enterprise in Prague and its surroundings provide components: plant "Prague" group ČKD - ailerons, center section, traction control mechanization of wing flaps, and the firm "Letnany» (Letov) - feathers and tail boom. First released Fw 189A in Prague was ready in March 12 1941 years. The total amount was built - 864 aircraft.

Combat use of the aircraft, "Rama"


Aircraft Fw 189 in the Wehrmacht was called "flying eye". For a distinctive appearance in the Soviet army was called "Rama." The plane was actively used in the Eastern European theater of operations, where essentially succeeded as a gunner and scout. However, the FW-189 used against Soviet partisans in Ukraine and Belarus. This type of aircraft on the Western Front is almost not used.


Among the Soviet military was a sign: flew "frame" - wait bombers. Immediately after the passage of a scout for the purposes that they were found, deposited a bomb or artillery attack.

Despite the low speed of the aircraft and fragile, "Rama" has excellent maneuverability at altitudes decent, so acted rather difficult target for fighters. The pilot could easily evade attack fighter holding horizontal maneuvers, for which no time to gain altitude fighter. Soviet avianastavleniya not recommended to fight on bends with a "frame", and to make some attacks from the sun or clouds.


Notable aircraft "Rama" and its vitality. 19 May 1942 years 4 thousand at the height of. M above Taman several MiG-3 attacked Fw 189A. The fighters hit the left engine unusual enemy, watching as he fell back on the plane after several repeated bursts. "MiG", confident in victory, retired, but the car after such a severe damage could make an emergency landing at the airport. Also, there were cases when the plane returned to the job after getting hit and without ramming part of the vertical stabilizer.


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