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The plane on Red Square
The plane on Red Square

The plane on Red Square


28 May 1987 year on the Day of the border guard sport aircraft manufacturer, the American company "Cessna" violated the airspace of the Soviet Union. He has landed in the capital near Vasilyevsky Spusk in the very near Red Square. Namely, he landed on the Big Moscow River bridge and drove coasting to St. Basil's Cathedral. A huge number of camcorders and cameras of tourists has recorded the moment when the pilot out of the cockpit, he was surrounded by autograph wishes. He was arrested after ten minutes. Violator turned Mathias Rust, a nineteen-year pilot-athlete. His father sells aircraft in Germany. In 14: 20 Ruta aircraft crossed the air border of the Soviet Union at the height of 600 meters above the Gulf of Finland near the town Kohtla-Jarve (Estonia). This fixed air defense radars, causing the missile divisions were put on full alert. The fighter was sent to intercept the aircraft "Cessna". It was quickly discovered, but it did not give to shoot down the team. Therefore, the aircraft violator "were" almost as far as Moscow. Since 1984 of in the Soviet Union acted in an order that prohibited open fire on the sport / civil aircraft.

The plane on Red Square 1987

Hardly Rust knew about 15: 00, when he will fly near the city of Pskov, where a local regiment will be training flights. One aircraft came in to land, take off the other. Equally at three o'clock were replacing gospoznavaniya code system, which implies the simultaneous change of the code by all pilots. However, many inexperienced pilots did not make this operation: summed up the lack of experience or forgetfulness. Whatever it was, the system recognizes them as "foreign". In this situation, one of the commanders could not understand and gave all aircraft sign of "I-its", including sports aircraft Rust. Further flight he made since local air residence. But there was a secondary legalization near Torzhok, where rescue operations were a result of the collision of our aircraft - slow-moving German "Cessna" was mistaken for a Soviet helicopter search.


The newspapers of the time were full of headlines: "The country is in shock! German pilot profaned serious athlete a huge arsenal of defense USSR Border Guards Day. " The world's media also put forward a more "romantic" version - the guy was trying to win a bet or to impress the chosen one. We talked about the flight Mathias Rust - is not nothing but a marketing ploy. Since his father had sold the aircraft "Cessna" in Western Europe, and the rate of sales in the period just dropped. It is clear that such a PR stunt became the impetus for sales of aircraft. After all, in fact it is the only aircraft that managed to "win" the air defense system of the USSR. The Soviet military were convinced that such an action is the machinations of foreign intelligence services.

The plane sat on the Red Square

After this incredible scene, many people began to invent different jokes on the subject. For example, the name Red Square as "Sheremetyevo-3». Equally popular was a joke that the route Moscow-Leningrad, is the softest, as the popes were paved with generals and colonels. After the Russian people passed a state of shock, he started to have fun with his usual enthusiasm. Born anecdote about the two pilots who met on Red Square, one of which asked for a cigarette, on the other replied, "You what ?! No smoking on the ground! ". And another: gathered on Red Square crowd with things. They asked passers-by: "What are you doing here?" To which they reply: "We expect landing in Hamburg." There was another bike that next to the fountain of the Bolshoi Theater patrolled by police. "What for?". "And suddenly there will emerge an American submarine?".


Punishment Mathias Rust


2 September 1987, the panel of judges of the Supreme Court of the USSR at the beginning of the criminal trial of Rust. He was charged with disorderly conduct. According to the court, its landing threatened the lives of people who were in the square. He crossed the border illegally and violated aviation legislation. The case was held in open session. His positions have lost Alexander Warlocks (the head of the Air Defense Forces), Sergei Sokolov (Defence Minister) and about three hundred officers.

The plane on Red Square

Himself Mathias Rust said in court that his flight was a "call for peace". 04.09.1987 year he was sentenced to four years imprisonment for violation of the rules of safety, illegal border crossing and hooliganism. In total, he has spent on remand in prison 432 days and presidium of the Supreme Soviet pardoned him, but he was expelled from the Soviet Union.


Rust returned to Germany, but at home he is remembered as the madman who put the world at risk. He was deprived of all rights of piloting. He has worked as a nurse in a hospital in Ryssen. During his regular duty in November 1989 of Rust attacked with a knife on a nurse who refused him a kiss, for which the court decided to put him on a four-year, but was kept in prison for five months, he was released.


In the middle of the year 1994 Rust said that once again going to live in Russia. Then he disappeared for 2 years. Some said that he was selling shoes in Moscow, others spread rumors about his death. Really Rust traveled. After seeing the world, on their return, he said he was going to marry the daughter of a wealthy tea merchant. The wedding ceremony took place in India, local rite. After the wedding, he and his wife returned to Germany. In 2001, he was again brought before the court. This time he was accused of stealing at a department store, where he was about to pull the cashmere sweater. As a result, the court sentenced him to a fine of EUR 5 000. As for his personal life, here too, not everything turned out - he is divorced. According to him, he wanted to have a family, a lot of kids, but just could not find that unique, that it would be understood. He makes a living as a professional poker player. At the same time, he regained his papers in South Africa and is going to fly again.



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