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"Turn upside down"
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"Turn upside down"

"Turn upside down"


"In this age of progress and progressivki" (Raikin).

Progressivkoy in the USSR in common called premium of over-fulfillment plan. Once in the bath Vladimir Vysotsky sang a song: "And we needed in Paris - as in a bath pliers" One man burst into laughter. Vladimir Semenovich asked the reason, to which he replied: "How do you know that in our bath many nails" And I'm there too: "And where Raikin knew that in Russia one helicopter design will work in progress, and more - on "progressivku". For example, the Ka-50 in a fair contest three times in a row wins the competition at the Mi-28 to replace obsolete Mi-24, but "Mikhailov (ex. Air Force Commander) expressed confidence that the new combat helicopter Mi-28N, dubbed the "Night Hunter", will be given "the green light is good." ( Russian Air Force began to experience "Night Hunter" 2005g June).

On this occasion, the former defense minister Sergei Ivanov generously allocates money for its operational development: "In 2004 year for the development of the project the Ministry of Defence Mi-28N has spent hundreds of millions of rubles. The State Defense Order 2005 years considered the initial batch production of the Mi-28N. As for Ka-50, in the current year kamovtsam it got about 100 times less money. ... But the questions from the series "that need the army," resolved, as we know, not in the field, and in warm offices. " (Ministry of Defense decides how the helicopter will be the main armament of the Russian army. Source: «Lenta.Ru». Posted: 29.10.2004). The "Kamov" during this time on handouts "from the master's table" Ka-50 / 52 perfected and made them with outstanding features and Mi-28N as he was, and was not adjusted "to mind", so for short service managed to carry out the lives of four highly qualified pilots. The last accident - in Syria.

Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant is like a court helicopter CB, hence the complete stagnation in the helicopter already 30-plus years. In the movie "The Magnificent Eight" General Designer MVZ A.G.Samusenko proudly declares that the Mi-8 will fly even 50let. And it is expected to release a series of modernized Mi-8: Mu-171A2.

«Upside down» 1

Mi-172A2 gas turbine engines VK-2500PS-03
Power takeoff 2400 hp


  • Inside the cargo compartment 4000 kg

  • On the external sling 5000 kg

  • (Data from the site "Russian Helicopters).

To better understand how this corresponds to the time the helicopter flight characteristics compare it with a similar upgrade of the coaxial Ka-32 under the symbol Ka-32-10AG with the same engine and cabin size commensurate helicopter Mi-8.

"The main directions of modernization:

  • 1. Increased capacity to 26 people and increase cabin comfort.

  • 2. Replacement engines TV3-117VM on VC-2500.

  • 3. Increasing the duty to 5500 kg inside the cabin and to 7000 kg on external sling.

  • 4. Installing a new set of on-board CCD-226AG equipment to perform instrument flight over bezorientirnoy terrain or sea landing on offshore platforms and offshore vessels in the meteorological conditions at SMU: 30 300 to m.

  • 5. Installation of additional external fuel tanks to increase flight range of up to 1200 km.

  • 6. Providing ditching and rescue people at the water landing.

  • 7. Basing on offshore platforms, ships, etc. (2007g). " (Ka-32 add weight 25.04 2007 Source:. AviaPort site)

«Upside down» 2


Greater capacity at 1,5t. in Ka-32-10AG explained simply: power is not consumed on the part of the tail rotor; have coaxial screws greater efficiency, ie, at the same power it gives greater traction; due to lack of co-axial helicopter and heavy tail end beams constructively easier soosnik helicopter classical scheme. And we must not forget that with the lack of the tail rotor helicopter becomes much safer from takeoff to landing, with a series goes cheaper and perfect Ka-32-10AG and Mi-171A2.
At Mil mass production expected another helicopter Mi-38, the beginning of the design of which belongs to the first half of 80-ies of the last century.

«Upside down» .3


Gene. Designer MVZ A.G.Samusenko 21veka called him by helicopter, but it is nothing more than a PR, what is not hard to verify, by comparing the flight capabilities of Mi-38 with modern design Ka-92.
Mi-38. Turbine engines 2hTV7-117V power takeoff 2500l.s mode. Cruising speed 280-290km / hour. Range with cargo weighing 3000kg 900km Range with additional fuel tanks and cargo 2700kg 1200km. (The site "Russian Helicopters").
The project is co-axial helicopter with rigid blades Ka-92.

«Upside down» .4


Ka-92. Cruising speed - 420-430 km / h Maximum speed - 500 km / h. Range - 1400 km. Commercial loading - 30 passengers Takeoff weight - 16 tons.
As the power plant during the first two models of the engine Klimov VK-2500 be used. On production models planned to install new engines VC-3000 characterized by improved performance. (Wikipedia).

"According to Sergei Mikheev, Ka-92 from 30 oilmen-shift workers on board could, for example, flying from Murmansk fly to oil platforms in the area of ​​the Shtokman field, the remote on 635 km, at a cost of only a half-hour flight (cruising 420 speed km / h). At the same time, if the weather does not allow for the landing on the platform, the helicopter was able to return home at the airfield without refueling "(faster and farther," Kamov "is Ka-92 project).
As you can see, in the range of Mi-38 flight soosniku inferior, and for the speed and there is nothing to argue! Moreover, in the characteristic by capacity Mi-38 I saw hypocrisy in the description.
The site "Russian Helicopters", read: Range with cargo weighing 3000kg 900km Range with additional fuel tanks and cargo 2700kg 1200km, ie according to these figures, it turns out that the time fuel consumption Mi-38 = 300kg / h (3000kg.- 2700kg.), which is not true.

As fuel consumption refine the amount of load on 1200km, for which we find a difference in this same range 1200km. - 900km. = 300km that Mi-38 cruising speed 290k / h. fly over ~ 1chas. Engine fuel consumption TV7-117 = 800kg / hour, then it at a distance 1200km not require additional fuel 300kg as herein 800kg and which is filled by loading. At the output we get from this: 3000kg.-800kg. = 2200kg., I.e. 2700kg instead. the description of Mi-38 helicopter at a distance of 1200km. will be able to carry the maximum load weight = 2200kg., and the flight = 4ch.14min.

In Ka-92 on 1200km. Useful load is 3000kg. and flight time = 2ch.51min. This shows that the Mi-38 and close does not correspond to the request for a helicopter A.G.Samusenko 21veka? As it is designed in 20 century, it will remain as such for the rest of his life, even if his next film called his helicopter 22veka.
At the end of the offer compared with the helicopter tail rotor designs and longitudinal scheme involving the same takeoff weight = 30t.
Classical scheme Mi-46

«Upside down» .5

Zhukovsky: heavy transport helicopter project - Mi-46 (4sent 2007g)
Mi-46. Designing machines Mi-46 is based on the scientific and technological potential, obtained by the creation of Mi-Mi-26 and 38. Maximum take-off weight of the helicopter 30 t Cruising speed -. 270 km / h. Static ceiling - 2,3 thousand meters Dynamic ceiling -. 5 thousand meters Practical flight range -. 400 km. Mi-46 60 will carry passengers or cargo weighing up to 10-12 t.

Longitudinal scheme Ka-102


«Upside down» .6


According to our calculations, the Ka-102 can have speeds of up to 500 km / h. He will carry up to 80-90 passengers, with takeoff weight of about 30 t. ... A longitudinal scheme allows you to have a longer fuselage, which accommodate a much larger number of passengers.
(Sergey Mikheev: a helicopter with a rigid rotor - to "airplane" rates).
Maximum flight distance: 1100 km.
No comment.


Vitalii Belyaev.


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Dear Oleg, from Mi-8 cruising speed = 230k / hr., While Mi-38 with the same blade on the description from the "Russian Helicopters" = 285k / h. Therefore, more aerodynamic fuselage and Mi-171A2 had the same cruising speed of 285k / h.
According to Ka-32-10AG: "If it was real it would really funded Defense and the Navy to replace the SC-27."
What do you say on the subject: a combat helicopter Ka-50 "Black Shark" was a real helicopter, which the Mi-28N and "hold a candle" is not necessary, but the former. Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov relieves weapons Ka-50 and instead gives the Army a dead Mi-28N. As in Syria killed the entire crew when it drops, then blame attributed to the crew. In our time, this conclusion is "fair" fees become the norm.

Variants with longitudinal screws were SSSRe earlier than the state, but these options are not with those friends. After all, before the budget money was simply not possible zatyret pockets, and there were people who harmed the country just out of friendship.

With the MI-38 not very nice poluchaetsya.kazhetsya it is, but in reality it is not, and it seems to be not.

Vitaly, a good overview. But you probably know the bad design of helicopters. The problem of our engines and helicopter rotor system. Even in the new helicopters are not installed with the blade speed profiles. Your comparison of the Mi-8 at modification and future Ka-32-10AG not quite pravilnoe.Esli he were real he would be so funded Defense and the Navy to replace the SC-27. Mi-8 already run-in and takes its place. Kashka only on paper. According to the task that you set out, porridge will be more difficult and more expensive. Until the issue is resolved balancing blades coaxial systems can not talk about high speeds. That separation that all clover gives a lot of resistance. Milewski, too, can not add the speed due to the lack of high speed bearing system. It is not a CB, and the stagnation of thought, and lack of desire to lick at Eurocopter and Sikorsky have

А ничего у нас не меняется в этом направлении,это традиция такая-кто ближе к царствующим,тот и и денежки и заказы получает.Вспомним как перед ВОВ зарезали И-180 Поликарпова и начали выпуск паршивенького ЯК-1,и вообще никудышного ЛАГГ -3 .Потом Туполев много лет гасил своих конкурентов,в итоге многие хорошие проекты были похерены.Экранопланы под ту же дубинку попали Потом противостояние Су и МиГа,окончившееся фактически смертью второго..И последний пример -с "Булавой" -боевой пуск которой может быть удачным с вероятностью не более50%.Т.е может полететь ,а может и нет.Так все по прежнему в нашем королевстве,ничего не меняется.Прав не тот кто прав,а тот у кого больше прав.В данном случае,кто ближе ко двору.

I too do not understand what "Black Shark" worse "Night Hunter" Explain who can.

Yes, the difference is great. Allocation money for MI, is not justified. On receiving such a decision, it seems, "flew on the hunt" on MI, and more than once. M still ... Ugh! So, in Chechnya, in a joint application MI and SC, the SC found fighting benefits. How long?

Hello! With the notorious competition, many have suffered financial loss !!! Madhouse which is, well, why do you need to copy all the western one to one ???? !!!! For God's sake compete, but the conclusions it is necessary to make the head and not at the expense Lobby! It Serdyukovskoe heritage, when at last hold tough and besspristrastnoe investigation of these abuses. Definitely Kamov helicopter steeper due to greater capacity to raise more armor protection, it is not at all prices !!!! Milevskiy KB, nobody needs to close, even if they do, but then fall behind on flight characteristics, why all the grandmas in their drive and progressive KB on parole works necessary to redistribute all resources with a turn on 180gradusov and see how they then survive, this is not correct: By the old merit to live !!!!