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RQ-6 Outrider
RQ-6 Outrider

RQ-6 Outrider

Unmanned RQ-6 Outrider was created under the program TAUV for operational reconnaissance of the battlefield. I must say that the company was engaged in the creation of Alliant Techsystems, but the basis of the whole concept was to take the car, created by Mi-Tex, under the designation Hellfox.

From the first day of development, the project was accompanied by problems and complications, because of which the first flight became possible only in the spring of 1997. The delay in manufacturing consisted in the manufacture of a new fuselage made of duralumin, and not of composite materials. Also designers encountered the incompatibility of avionics, because there was insufficient shielding of the system. The mass of the device became a problem, which led to further refinement of weight loss. We solved the problem by installing a stronger engine. The first machines entered service in autumn 1998 year, but because of the high cost and unsatisfactory performance, the car was sent back for revision, resulting in a new model.

Originally, the RQ-6 Outrider was powered by the 4318F piston type engine, which was supplied by Mc Culloch, and was soon replaced by the AR-801R engine from UEL. For takeoff and landing, the device had a chassis consisting of three racks that were not retracted. Yet in the event of an accident the car also had a parachute system for landing. The wings of the car were installed in tandem, and they were connected by endings, which increased the lift during the flight. The aircraft had a fairly modern navigation system, which was connected with the satellite. He could both receive and transmit collected information during the flight. For more specific tasks, you can install the appropriate equipment.

Yet because of the long standing problems of manufacturing and the army leadership decided to search for an alternative. As a result, preference was given to the machine RQ-7A. Because of this situation, the project RQ-6 Outrider was completely closed in 1999 year. For all time it was made 20 unmanned vehicles such as RQ-6 Outrider.

RQ-6 Outrider. Characteristics:

Modification RQ-6A
Wingspan, m 3.96
Length m 3.20
Height, m 1.55
Weight, kg  
null 185
takeoff 230
engine's type 1 AP UEL AR-801R
Thrust, kgf X 1 42
Maximum speed km / h 203
Cruising speed, km / h 167
Practical range, km 200
The duration of the flight, ch.min 7
Practical ceiling, m 4570


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