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aircraft jet engine
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aircraft jet engine

aircraft jet engine


aircraft jet engine - Engine, creates the need for moving the thrust by converting internal energy into kinetic energy of the jet of the working substance.


For all jets in common the fact that during the combustion process and subsequent conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy of the combustion products gas stream is accelerated, and thus occurs traction. Traction force (kg) is the main characteristic of the engine.

Jet engines are divided into three groups:

  • Liquid
  • powder
  • jet


For work liquid propellant engines It does not require oxygen in the air. The engine may operate in a severely rarefied atmosphere. For combustion of the fuel supply must be provided oxidant. Most known combinations - the fuel-oxidant: and an alcohol oxygen, hydrogen, and oxygen gas and nitric acid, and hydrogen fluoride, and oxygen and diborane t. D.

As fuel in propellant rocket engines used gunpowder.

В air-jet engines It uses the oxygen in the air. The fuel kerosene and acts very rarely - another type of liquid fuel.

Jet engine, in turn, classified in two ways:

  1. beskompressornye (direct-flow, pulsating)
  2. Compressor


In the first case, the compressed air is due to the velocity head in the second - at the expense of the compressor or motor compressors.

The ramjet engine air enters the air inlet, wherein the air speed is reduced to 0, the pressure p increases as the temperature t increases. Under high pressure air enters the combustion chamber where the injector is supplied simultaneously through fuel. Combustion takes place continuously. The combustion products are expanded in a reactive style and ejected into the atmosphere. A feature of the engine, in addition to its simplicity of construction is that the magnitude of thrust depends on the flying speed (velocity head) - thrust proportional to the square of airspeed.

There is also a Pulsejet.

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