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The problems of the domestic civil aviation and their solutions
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The problems of the domestic civil aviation and their solutions.

The problems of the domestic civil aviation and their solutions.


On assurances of experts crisis in the Russian civil aviation has only just begun, but already well seen its effects - lack of passenger traffic, multi-million dollar losses of domestic air carriers, reducing the number of flights carried out and the cancellation of flights on a number of routes. All this leads to the search for a new way out of the situation, however, a number of experts believe that in the near future small aircraft in the country will be in demand more than at the moment and there are a number of reasons.



From news Aviation perfectly clear that not all flights of domestic air carriers are filled properly, which naturally leads to the fact that air carriers or increase the prices of these trends, or at all trying to eliminate the route, thus losing the few customers that are currently time require the services of Russian airlines. When used on non-remote routes of small aircraft such as the Czech 17-local planes L-410You can solve several problems at once - to establish an effective air traffic on existing routes and to make a profit. Naturally, the maximum distance between destinations will be very limited, but the carrier probably will save fuel costs at the same time, maintaining its activities at a high level. However, the purchase of the aircraft will be very expensive, and therefore, the easiest option would rent these small capacity aircraft.



Developing an emergency response to the reduction of passenger traffic, allow better planning of the process of operation of those, or other aircraft, in particular, is sufficient to monitor the situation with the purchase of passenger tickets in order to know for which of the existing areas should send roomy passenger airliners, and for any, will be the most efficient use of aircraft seating capacity in 50-100 people. At the same time, it is necessary to clarify that monitoring of the behavior of passengers should be carried out regularly in order to avoid possible adverse effects associated with both the overflow passengers of certain areas, and to the lack of passengers.



Cooperation in the field of civil aviation aircraft using local airlines, will enable the airline to get the most profit while working on a common direction. At a distance much greater than the possibility of small capacity aircraft can provide additional grafting on aircraft of other airlines, is also designed for a small number of passengers, which, in turn, with a small and relatively insignificant increase in the time of air travel, will allow to make flights over distances up to 5 thousand kilometers.

In addition, these measures should make pricing regulation on airline tickets, which naturally reduce the cost of air travel and hence should appeal to a larger number of potential customers of domestic airlines. It is necessary to clarify that the current situation does not apply to air carriers who regularly perform flights between major cities, almost 100% filling their aircraft, however, the situation this can help air carriers, clearly brooked "economic disaster" in a crisis for civil aviation situation.


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