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"Radioizmeritel» Enterprise
"Radioizmeritel» Enterprise

"Radioizmeritel» Enterprise



Factory "Radioizmeritel" was organized in 1944godu and specialized in the production of new aircraft navigation and landing equipment near navigation. Key areas of work: Production for production and technical needs: equipment intended for landing and navigation of civil aircraft, products functional and hybrid microelectronics: microblocks and chip for analog and digital microwave equipment; Common consumption goods.

Held full service of manufactured products - warranty and post-warranty repair even Manufactured products :. Electronic equipment; Systems for automatic control of the onboard equipment; Navigation equipment; Aircraft rangefinders; Calibrators; Microelectronic products; Other accessories aviation spare parts; Various automobile components.

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Consumer Goods: Automotive electronic ignition system; Receivers trehprogrammnye Rotor, distributor; b Wand regulator of state car inspection; A set of tourist; Digital Watch. The factory is equipped with advanced production base for microelectronic microcircuits for thin and thick-film technology microwave range that meets modern requirements and rocket and aircraft.

19.04.1944 was built Electromechanical Plant "Kyivenergo." The plant is located in Podil, on the areas of pre-war factory "Automatic" on the street Borychev teak, 35, including residential areas. Destinations of the plant was destroyed by war recovery of power economy of Kiev. The plant in 1957 was renamed the Kiev factory "Radioizmeritel." The first batch was released by the factory VHF generator, control decoder, a voltage regulator, a signal generator and so on. Plant with 1964 has started production on-board equipment for the ILS (instrumental landing system in the meter range).

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The second birth of the factory was taken over by the decision on the location and reconstruction of the plant in Darnytskyi district. New machine shop in the 1970 year produced the first part. The plant at this time already produced avionics landing, control and computing devices, small simulators lighthouses, remote test equipment and so on. Microelectronic production "Micron" was created v1985 year. It is in the short term started production of products for microelectronic devices ILS, A-723, DME, VOR, D-20, CD-75, C-20 and so on.

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For fifty years, the recovery plant "Radioizmeritel" was a glorious way, and reached the level of high-tech modern production of high-quality navigation and landing equipment for the aviation industry, not only of Ukraine, but also the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. This CD-75 (airplane rangefinder) Course MT-70 (short-range navigation equipment and instrument landing system) A far-723 (Long Range Navigation).

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