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"Novator" enterprise
"Novator" enterprise

The company "Innovator".



The State Enterprise "Novator" = is a modernized enterprise with a highly technical production and upgrade technology. The State Enterprise "Novator" (last Khmelnitsky Radio Engineering Plant) in 1966 year was established as part of the structure of the Ministry of Radio Industry of the USSR, as one of the enterprises for manufacture of airborne radar, avionics, radio navigation, and other types of equipment for the aerospace and aviation industries.

Combining in recent years led by Anatoly A. Vdovichenko, which took place here from engineer to director of the gene after graduating in 1967 year Kharkiv Aviation Institute gradually taking up the post of deputy chief engineer, chief of department, deputy director of the production.

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Specialists of the company "Innovator" are highly qualified, which enables them to guarantee the excellent quality, both in the design of new products, and the issuance of complex electronic equipment using the newest software, and in the manufacture of microelectronic devices, precision mechanics, radar equipment, microwave -Technology.

One of the first instances of production, adjusted in 1960-x - 1970-ies of the plant, were units for pritselnyhbortovyh systems MIG-21 fighters. At the same time, the company launched the serial production of flat micro-modules, which is vremyaimeli important as the element base for tactical aircraft, missile, and space, making it possible to gain time to improve the electronics industry in the field of solid-state technology.

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It is constantly improving, gradually acquiring modern features in terms of the manufacture of hybrid thin and thick film circuits, and then of new microcircuits. The plant in the middle of 1970-ies established mass production service equipment for maintenance of aircraft transponders that after a short time become one of the regular types of mass production of the enterprise (for many years the plant has been almost the sole producer of the product) and are to date the important budget- part of the production.

All modernized fleet of civilian and military aircraft Commonwealth of Independent States aircraft equipped with transponders, which are made public enterprise "Innovator". There were also mastered landing system and short-range navigation "fan" system "Square" (for landing on the deck of aircraft carriers. During the entire operation of the plant as part of the military-industrial complex of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, its base was used as an experimental base for testing new kinds of radar and electronic equipment.

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Some devices are produced in unique copies or small lots. This has caused the need for, and at the same time allowed the plant to prepare or to invite highly qualified specialists, able to learn in a short time, the production of modern kinds of the latest products. The company participated in the creation of the Soviet analogue of "AWACS" (USA) - early warning system "Bumblebee", and has mastered the production of some of its most important components, especially the rack input and display, and receiver units calculator.

The factory produced and mastered airborne radars "Ramrod" and "Saber" (side-view), a complex "Spire" (laser intelligence). Was made preparations for the mass production of Basic Units mobile ground radar air defense system "BUK-M2" (medium-range), is intended to support, detect and destroy ballistic and aerodynamic purposes, including low altitude.

The decisive step for the development of the enterprise was to establish issue-board radar sighting device for a fighter RLPK NO19 MIG-29, The main unit sighting radar complex SU-27 istrebitelyai service equipment for maintenance of these systems. The State Enterprise "Novator" is a monopolist in the production of these products in Ukraine. To ensure its mass production infrastructure is built for heavy duty production of microwave technology with a system to ensure metrological measurements, test chambers climate change screen cameras. Employees of enterprises designed and put into production the system of automatic control of product performance NO19 and its main units.

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Developed and mass-produced operational and repair remote control options and the usual repair units and products for consumers. Savings due to the companies - developers of these systems give the plant the opportunity to participate in the modernization of these products, in particular, produce units and units for the products "Topaz," "spear", "beetle", "Sapphire" and so on (in the future - mass production these products), which are improved radars, which were put on the MiG-29, MIG-23MiG-21, SU-27.

Available in a variety of parts and products, including waveguides, micro, wire-wrap units. Available as service equipment, part of the mobile and stationary systems for servicing of these systems. The company is pursuing a strategy of broad cooperation with customers in the field of modernization and post-warranty repairs, performs services that are associated with maintaining the stable performance of the products sold, teaches professionals to repair and maintain them.

Through the transformation of the production plant started production means safety and communication on railway transport, such as the SR-1 stations, RS-1 and dual communication system between locomotives, locomotive ultrakorotko- simplex radio and shortwave bands such as radar 1S; ALS MR AB CHKU (microprocessor equipment safety).

На площадях производства, освободившихся при сокращении объемов выпуска военной техники довольно серьезно развернуто изготовление новых типов продукции: бытовые газовые счетчики роторного вида G-4 РЛ, G-2,5 РЛ, G-10 РЛ Ех, G-6 РЛ; водяные счетчики ЛК-20, ЛК-15, ЛК-32, ЛК-25; система АСКУЭ ; счетчики электроэнергии ЛТ-1,,ЛО-1000, ЛТ-3; низковольтная коммутационная аппаратура (налажен выпуск нового поколения автоматических выключателей ВА59-35 для связи электрических цепей до 250 Ампер) медицинская физиотерапевтическая аппаратура, которая используется для оказания терапевтического влияния на тело человека разными физическими факторами, как в домашних, так и в стационарных условиях: “Алимп-мини” “Корона”, “Алимп-1”, “МАГ 30-04”, «Корона-05», «Уфит –С», “МАГ 30-04 с таймером”, «Корона-С+У», «Корона-С», "Нитратомер", "Простам".

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In the new conditions of the economy, the company actively cooperates with many firms Commonwealth of Independent States and other countries, such as Germany, Italy, India, Israel, the USA, China and Iran. and so on. Administration set up a joint production plant with Russian companies, "Transkontur" - in the manufacture of equipment for the railroad. With the Italian companies established a joint venture in the field of production of modern telephone equipment, especially pay telephones.

The company successfully cooperates with German firms: their custom manufactured various products, especially for mail processing machines. The State Enterprise "Novator" in 2011 year became a member of the State Holding "Ukroboronprom." The company cares about the level of culture, welfare and social protection of their employees. There's a few hundred seats a spacious dining room, a sports complex.

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