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Landing aircraft at night
Author's articles
Landing aircraft at night. Author's article.

Landing aircraft at night. Author's article.

If you are flying a plane, so well you see how uncomfortable sometimes feel like flying! Landing aircraft at night, turbulence zone or storm clouds beneath you, it all makes tremble, fear arises by itself, I want to grab a chair or just close your eyes, and promise to myself that never again will not fly, and it is not for the you enough!

Flight from Luanda to Kinshasa carrying humanitarian aid destined for the UN mission based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with its center in the city of Kinshasa. As usual, all the flights are normally, without any deviations and accidents, transportation of humanitarian goods by air, is the daily work of the Mission.

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So this time, taking the goods under the order in the city of Luanda, the crew of a cargo plane IL - 76, conducted training to fly the route Luanda - Kinshasa. Everything went according to plan and carry out all the preparatory work preflight the aircraft prepared for taxiing to the runway. Last connection to the flight center, and, behold, the plane is gaining acceleration, faster and faster speeds along the runway, pops and roars like a thousand thunderstorms exploded, and just taking off, becoming more relaxed in the cabin.

Once at altitude, and the planning of the open spaces of the African, we are flying in the direction of Kinshasa, where the expected load, waiting for your return where friends.


After flying for a while. The crew receives a summary of the adverse weather conditions at the destination airport, and is instructed to proceed to the alternate aerodrome in the town of Mbandaka. The news is disappointing. For there, in Kinshasa, which is home to the crew at the time of service at the United Nations, we are waiting for ... connected to the airport and adding a summary of the weather, the aircraft commander requested permission to proceed to the destination, in spite of the summary. Mission Control Center does not prohibit, and does not recommend. This means that tacit consent is obtained. Good news, that we fly home, spread rapidly among the crew! We fly because flying. So soon we will be home.

DRC - 2

Flying up to the destination, the crew noticed that happening are not okay, thunder under the plane burst with such a noise that the fear became so intense and panic crept into ce stronger. During the landing, when the aircraft entered the cloud zone, it was instantly dark, all is lost sight of, connection to the airport is missing. The commander gave a clear command to the crew to follow the landing. But sitting down? Runway - Runway has no lighting. Tropical Rain makes a terrible noise, and the day turned into night. Everyone froze ... And suddenly, a push from the landing and braking of the aircraft noise! We are on the earth, we have arrived, we are home!


Martynenko Igor G. - UN official in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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Yeah, flying at night, and even in bad weather - the more fun ... We used to be just flew in late, late in the evening (it was already quite dark), and even in a storm .... That left of the aircraft lightning the right lane is filled with water ... crew, well done - put in such a nightmare - not even rocked ...

That you got, thank you for believing in people

I am very glad that we did it !!!!!!!!!!!!!