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Rise in price of tickets: negative and positive
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Rise in price of tickets: negative and positive

Rise in price of tickets: negative and positive


The negative state of the Russian economy has led to the fact that since 5 August the price of tickets for foreign air carriers increased within 5,4 - 5,9%. At first glance, the price increase may seem insignificant, but experts suggest that, in connection with these events, in routing of international passenger traffic could be reduced by 10-15%.



One of the negative factors increase the cost of air tickets for foreign air carriers is that at its core the holiday season has not yet come to an end, and as a consequence, higher prices could seriously hit the wallets of Russian citizens intending to go on holiday abroad. Experts certainly do not rule out that air carriers may be adjusted in connection with the tariffs for Russian citizens, at least until the end of the summer season, after which the price will return to their default values. Another very negative factor is the possible decline in passenger traffic at Russian airports, which, of course, will reduce the profits of many tourists, but despite this, the problem is unlikely to be as noticeable in the case of passenger carriers themselves. One of the very significant problems may be to reduce the number of international in routing among foreign air carriers, in particular, related to the lack of the minimum required number of passengers that will create serious problems for certain categories of citizens, however, it is assumed that the current problem does not manifest itself as higher prices for flights It will not be sharp.



Nevertheless, there is an assumption that with the increase in the cost of airline tickets for flights of foreign planes, Russian air carriers, this problem can not ignore that, in turn, will create favorable conditions for increasing passenger traffic on international air routes. In addition, it is necessary to clarify that even small, in the range 3-5% cost reduction of tariffs for international destinations among Russian flights shedule, can generate a real boom among tourists, because instead of air carriers in other countries, citizens will actively use the services of local companies. Experts do not exclude also the version of that with a decrease in international passenger traffic in routing, can begin to actively popular domestic flights connecting different cities of the country with resorts (Simferopol, Sochi, etc.) that is more advantageous for tourists and for flights shedule in which there will be no need to pay expensive service in foreign airports.



Thus, the rise in prices of flights for foreign air carriers does not mean that it will negatively affect the entire civil aviation in Russia, rather the opposite - future prospects are very positive.


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