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Dining in Economy Class
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Dining in Economy Class

Dining in Economy Class.


Dining in Economy Class It is perhaps the most pleasant moment, while flying in a plane and an integral part of the proposed dinner there. This point leads to a revival of all the passengers, and they are happy, expect this action look. As soon as the plane gains the desired height, and goes to the train, immediately from the front of the aircraft hear pleasant smells. This warm up food for the passengers in special furnaces.

Hot food served to the passengers only if flight lasts two or more hours. When a flight is conducted in less time passengers mainly offer sandwiches or sandwiches, juice and water. Or just muffins with tea or coffee, and of course, water. During the flight of more than two hours, each airline is trying to feed their fill of their passengers, and some savings on the provision of food.

Dining on a plane economy class

Flight Catering is harvested by special services, which operate separately from the airport. This service is called Kettering. In catering, everything is ready, cut and placed in special molds disposable. So, for example, solid dishes for hot dishes foil cassole called, and all the dressing, complete with hot food, salad or slices of vegetables, meats or fish, the whole set is called a lunch box.


  Economy class on a plane. Food.


Products that are purchased for cooking - only the highest quality and the freshest. Catering is strictly liable. This service has to answer for everything. And for the quality of products and fresh produce. Time allotted for cooking, before transferring it to the plane, is also limited, it should not be more than one and a half hours. So, you know if your flight is delayed by more than two hours, in Kettering, are hard at work on the preparation of the new passengers in-flight catering, which would provide you only freshly prepared food. Loading airline food comes in an hour before departure. A special machine, with a lift, drove up to the aircraft, and power is transferred, in the containers used for such purposes.
And now come the most pleasant moment when the senior flight attendant announced to passengers for lunch.


Meals on the plane. Economy class.


Everyone starts to move, and settle down comfortably in an armchair. Menu economy class, it is usually different. It all depends on how much the airline paid for the contents of your lunch. A hot meal may include fish, chicken, sausages, beef stroganoff. As a garnish, basically offer potato or rice. Several slices of cucumber and tomato, a rare piece of diluting the pepper or a few olives. This vegetable menu. But already cold cuts, is a few pieces, including chicken roll, sausage, or ham, you will not be more.

Sometimes the fish is sliced. Be sure to include a few pieces of bread and rolls, which relies to a few grams of butter or jam. When a cabin crew dinner, mostly, offer several kinds of juice, their range includes tomato, and apple, sometimes orange. And, of course, carbonated or non-carbonated water. Absorbing the proposed menu, all busy, forget that it is flying.

Some of the passengers complained, dig deeper into the contents of lunch boxes, lunch demonstratively left untouched, thereby emphasizing their status, they indulge in a dream, asking in advance, the conductor plaid. For the "warmers", recently offered a hundred grams of wine, or a small can of beer, but most airlines are trying to save money on alcoholic beverages, or alcohol is converted to a paid service bar. And, in the end of lunch, you will be offered tea or coffee with a small cake or a cake.

Economy class on a plane. Food.

Passengers, who for whatever reason, need a special diet, such as diet, vegetarian and children's, Kosher, or else, it is necessary when booking a ticket is required to report it. Data about you to be processed by the airline and commissioned, special, chosen by you for the power trip. And be sure you personally on board the aircraft, give the order! Good fly - like the majority of those who prefer air flights, but tasty fly - like all!

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