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Piasecki HRP Rescuer
Piasecki HRP Rescuer

Piasecki HRP Rescuer


Piasecki HRP Rescuer - military transport helicopter USA. Designed designer Frank Piasecki (Frank Piasecki), produced now Piasecki Aircraft c 1947 on 1949. Available in several versions under different designations. Released about 30 helicopters.


Piasecki HRP Rescuer photo

Piasecki HRP Rescuer photo


Basic data

  • Crew 2 people.

  • 170 Maximum speed km / h

  • Service ceiling 3 300 m

  • Flight range 630 km

  • Maximum load:

  • passengers 10 people.

  • or cargo 1000 kg

  • Takeoff weight 3 300 kg

  • Number X diameter rotors 2X12,5 m

  • Helicopter length 16,5 m

  • Appointment. Multipurpose helicopter.


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