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Piasecki H-25
Piasecki H-25

Piasecki H-25



A type: General Purpose / close support helicopter evacuation of the injured and rescue helicopter

Capacity: Two-person crew and five passengers

Helicopter a HUP, an answer of "Piasecki» (Piasecki) on technical requirements for the designed specifically for Sea helicopter operations, issued in 1945, the Bureau of Aeronautics Navy, designed compact enough to be placed on board various ships, and at the same time be able to perform a vertical landing, evacuation of the injured, search and protection. The company was known for his work on projects with screws, arranged one behind the other (in tandem).It is therefore not a surprise that the company "Piasecki" took such a layout for HUP helicopter, which was put into production in1948, after receiving an order to 22 (later increased to 32) helicopter HUP-1 «Retrayver» (Retriever).

Piloted by a crew of two and can accommodate up to five seated passengers or three stretchers, HUP-1 helicopter debuted in the fleet at the beginning of the year 1949. Continue to develop the company, "Piasecki" led to the creation of the helicopter HUP-2, equipped with autopilot "Sperry» (Sperry). These helicopters were delivered 165 copies (some of them has received the appropriate designation HUP-2S, was equipped for anti-submarine warfare). Army's interest in the naval helicopter has meant that the company has set up a helicopter H-25A who had booster management and reinforced cargo floor.

They were built in the number 70 copies in parallel with the execution of the last order on 50 Navy helicopters HUP-3S (three of which were delivered to the Canadian Navy).The remaining helicopters HUP-2 / -3 remained in service in the Navy and US Marine Corps for so long that in 1962 year received a new designation UH-25B / C respectively, although shortly afterwards they finally put out of operation. Today, two or three helicopters recent modifications restored in the US state of airworthiness, and even a small number of them can be seen on static display in museums across North America (including Canada).


Piasecki H-25 (notation: Piasecki H-25 Army Mule / HUP Retriever) - US transport helicopter. Designed and manufactured by Piasecki Helicopter Corporation in 40-end and early 50-ies of XX century. Decommissioned in 1964 year. It produced more than 370 machines (in several versions).


Piasecki H-25 photo

Piasecki H-25 photo

Basic data:

  • Crew 2 people.

  • 170 Maximum speed km / h

  • Flight distance 640 km

  • Maximum load:

  • passengers 6 people.

  • or the weight of the load 800kg.

  • Takeoff weight 2 600 kg

  • Number X diameter rotors 2X10,5 m

  • Helicopter length 9,5 m


Piasecki H-25 photo booths

Piasecki H-25 photo booths



  • Transportation of troops and supplies

  • rescue operations

  • evacuation of the wounded.


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