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The first transatlantic flight 233
The first transatlantic flight

The first transatlantic flight

The first transatlantic flight


In 20-ies of XX century, the planet literally froze in anticipation of the first transatlantic flight. Steel is ready to fly and French aviators Charles E. JM Nanzhesser and Francois Coli. For the first time it was decided to fly from Europe to America, from east to west, against the rotation of the Earth.

The commander was Nanzhesser. One of the best aces of France, at the end of the First World War, he had to his credit 45 shot down enemy planes. "Brand name" aboard his war machine - ace of hearts with a coffin and a skull with two crossed bones - horrifies German pilots.


transatlantic flight

Flight preparation
"White Bird" aircraft, which were going to fly pilots, was, in the words of one French journalist, "flying tank" - the ship weighed a total of five tons, four of which had fuel in the tanks. In order to best facilitate the car, the pilots refused even radio. In addition, immediately after take-off was to get rid of the wheel chassis. Which obliges the aircraft not designed for landing on water, land on the sea surface in the Bay of New York. And yet, despite all these tricks, fuel was running out.

The flight from Le Bourget to New York 8 May 1927, the enthusiastic crowd gathered at the airport Le Bourget (Paris suburb). Everyone wanted to take part in the event of the century. In 5 the morning, "White Bird" to "trademark" Nanzhessera aboard the beginning of the run. Heavy machine did not want to obey the will of the pilots and climb into the sky. Finally, though reluctantly, she pulled away from the ground and under the escort of several military aircraft disappeared in the sky.
transatlantic flight

The sensation of "Press"
Since there was no radio on board. Messages could be expected only from the ground. "White Bird" seen on the Ile de France, Normandy, and there began the ocean ... The following message came a little more than a day from the start of the flight. Hurray, they are in America! From Boston telegraph: they were seen, they flew, they were going to New York! All France held its breath. Only an hour later, in 17 15 hours, minutes, the Parisians were able to catch his breath. The inflated long wait, they literally snatched from the hands of newsboys new, still smelling of ink, the number of the "Press". The first band was full of variegated headings:

"Thank masters of French aviation!" "Nanzhesser and Kohli took the gold!" "Incredible detail perfect raid!" Then the newspaper reported the very details splashdown French aviators in the bay of New York. The plane flew Nanzhessera meet an entire squadron of fighters led by Major Pul. Accompanied by US combat aircraft, "White Bird" sat down on the water. The ships are in the bay, lifted welcome flags, sirens sounded. Some New Yorkers, not believing his eyes, sat in their boats and went out into the bay. The sky was flooded with civil aircraft, employed by the various members of the press. "White Bird" sat down on the water is incredibly easy, after which the vessel was immediately surrounded by several large ships. four seaplanes have been identified, which circled over the triumph at the lowest possible height, acting as insurance. Nanzhesser drive and Kolya hesitated, as if their victory over the ocean was a trifle, not worth general rejoicing. But after a few minutes they seemed out of the plane and embraced. Under the applause, howling engines and the howl of sirens pilots descended to land. Yes, it was a great day of French glory


"White Bird"

Tran atlas flight

tragic mistake
Clouds enthusiastic telegrams flew vosled "White Bird" overseas. And - not a word in response to ... No, the two failed to become the first French who crossed the ocean by plane. They flew they waved wings Bostonians ... but to meet awaits them New Yorkers were not. They were missing Nanzhesser and Koli. They waited, they were looking for. When it came out all the terms, it became clear that they were killed. In just a few minutes, a few kilometers before his triumph, "White Bird" with the ace of hearts, a coffin and a skull fell into the ocean water. This is probably the greatest disappointment, the most spectacular failure in the history of aviation. We would sit near Boston - and would have won, made history. But since it was established in advance: a triumph in front of many millions of New York, there will be seen and heard all over the world!

The whole outfit police held back crowds of outraged Parisians trying at all costs to break into the office "Press" and smash it to pieces. But the reason for this incomprehensible and senseless newspaper hype then and has remained a mystery. The whole world, in spite of the sorrow of the two pilots, almost committed almost impossible, could not resist a sarcastic grin, too, he says, "in French," it all happened. Like boasted proved themselves poor guys - Nanzhesser and Koli. Even grief for him was somehow stained the scandal. The greatness of a hero's death turned into a laughing stock. All that remains It took more than 30 years since the disappearance of the "White Bird". In the winter cold morning Cliff Island (American lobster catcher) went on a boat at sea. Lifting anchor their boats, he felt that he caught some gizmo from the bottom. When the anchor came out of the water, it hung some sheets, similar to the skin of the aircraft ... It was all that remained of the proud and mighty "White Bird", decides once on an unprecedented feat.

"Eyes to see" Three years later, in 1964 year revealed and the mystery of the newspaper hype, most striking in the history of the world press. The well-known French journalist Georges Raven published a book "eyes to see", in which he told how it happened at the ill-fated day in the newspaper, because he was one of the main actors of this ugly history. After it was reported that the pilots have seen over Boston, and therefore, the main obstacle, the Atlantic Ocean, is overcome, the editor in chief made a decision that led to the collapse of the "Press". "We need to make our newspaper first reported the prosperous flight across the Atlantic!" - He told employees. Voluntary details have not yet come up with quite a feat no one dared, and then editor in chief appointed to this case Raven, as the youngest.

"I need fifty live lines" - "Maybe we should wait for more concrete news?" - Tried to argue the young officer. "In order to share the profits with competitors and to receive only small crumbs of whether they might be? Yes, you just do not feel the situation, my dear! They won over the whole ocean, and then we will be able to win a victory! "That's such a sad story. In fact, the crew of "White Bird" has been successful, has made the first transatlantic flight, but because of the tragic lust for fame died. The other flaw of the human soul - greed - influenced "Press", which resulted in a general resentment and hatred. Whom does not deserve, "White Bird".


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