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Prospects for the society as a threat to aviation.
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Prospects for the society as a threat to aviation.

Prospects for the society as a threat to aviation.


Currently, many international companies are discussing the possibility of launching into the stratosphere of the planet special balloons that will ensure higher quality modern society technologies. This first project should include the globalization of the Internet from the company «Google», attempts of mobile operators to extend coverage of the cellular network, etc. Naturally, everything is done for the benefit of mankind, but, according to some experts news agency, there is in all this, and a number of hazards that are directly related to the global aviation, and, both civil and military.



As you know, any balloon after some time loses its ability to be at a certain height, and, this is due to various factors, ranging from the atmospheric pressure, a loose structure balloons themselves, passing the gas-filler, etc., in connection with which These aircraft can change their actual position with respect to height, and also in case of unforeseen conditions and relative to the ground in a horizontal plane. Because of the lack of ability to control the above, and in any way to influence these processes, balloons may be nothing more than a sort of time bombs, representing extremely high risk to the aircraft and all aircraft in general. Naturally, when it comes to very few vehicles launched into the stratosphere of the planet, the probability of an emergency is very small, but when we are talking about thousands of objectsThen there is a clear threat to the aircraft.



Trying world's largest companies to impose their policies and bring a number of prospects for a modern society can cause the death of hundreds of people, and, it should be noted that accountability is unlikely anyone will be able to attract, as in fact, the company, using these technologies, It can not be responsible for the confluence of force majeure.



Of course, many may seem that all of the above is not more than speculation, presents no real danger, at least in practice, however, as evidence can lead the most common example, which has become a headache for the world's largest country. In the United States, because of the unauthorized launches of unmanned aerial vehicles, the dimensions of which in terms of no more than 40 x 40 cm, recorded dozens of cases of violation of flight safety of air transport, and when we are talking about objects repeatedly exceeds the specified size, it must be assumed that the reported cases may develop into actual incidents, it is likely the tragic denouement.


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