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Open Letter to President of Russian Federation VV Putin
Open Letter to President of Russian Federation VV Putin

Open Letter to President of Russian Federation VV Putin



Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! I report to you that in 2008 year actually took raider seizure of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS. Today the situation has come to the fact that MAX-2017 may be the last Air Show, held in Zhukovsky.

In 2017 25, the country will celebrate the anniversary-Max. Everything conceived a quarter century ago, we have been able to realize, without spending a penny from the state treasury. The work and dedication have focused on the growth and development of the air show. But now we have almost lost faith in themselves and feel powerless over moguls, whose personal interests prevail over the state. They want to bankrupt OAO "Airshow". His problem is solved in the "best" traditions 90-ies of the last century. These people are not ashamed of the Russian President, are not afraid of the responsibility before the law, to the public, publicly promising to maintain a desired event for the country, but in fact its sprawling. Here is a story of betrayal.

In accordance with the decree of your №217 from 20.02.2008 in Zhukovsky, Moscow region, where the aircraft is concentrated thought Russia was established NCA - National Center for aircraft construction.

Taking advantage of official position, the management of the state corporation "Rostec" failed to add to point 1 your Presidential Decree subparagraph "B" of the transfer of "TEC" Russia "(Transport-exhibition complex) 42 hectares of land on which stand the pavilions (property of JSC" Air Show ") and 50% of shares owned by FSUE" LII. MM Gromov ". The area was originally provided for the use of "Air Show" with the permission of the State as a contribution LII. MM Gromov to the share capital without specifying the period and the board.

According to documents, the main task of TCE - modernization of infrastructure, designed for up to date Russian and international exhibitions of high-tech industrial products, including the military. However, at the request of TCE management, priority is "to create a modern complex consisting of a container, warehouse and customs terminals for the organization of transport and storage systems for the transit of all types of cargo." And today, all we are talking about the artificial bankruptcy of JSC "Air Show", followed by the acquisition of the pavilions at a symbolic price as a warehouse for "Zhukovsky" airport.

At MAKS-2009 Head SC "Rostec" Chemezov SV I reported to you about the future development of Max and the plans of the state corporation. We were encouraged and believed.

But with the MAX-2011 every year, 2013, 2015 became worse and worse. Wages Fund JSC "Air Show" was 30 million per year utility costs. MAX-2015 1 billion revenues had 70 million rubles, but in April 2016-of his by the number of the remainder - 60 million rubles. Dubbed the requirement of TCEs and of the shareholders to issue a dividend of $ 60 million rubles. We are already in the red. Where's our money? Together with Zhukovsky money they invested in JSC "Airport" Zhukovsky "in the amount of 500 million rubles, ie, output in the private sector, where the hosts - foreigners.


Open Letter to President of Russian Federation VV Putin

Photo by S. HALZOVA


I sounded the alarm in March 2013, at a meeting of proxies with you as a candidate for president of Russia, and reported on the true situation. "Rostec" It was your behalf by the Government of the Russian Federation and the Civil Code. Government represented by the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry has taken certain measures in accordance with the competence of the Minister DV Manturova A guide GC "Rostec" completely ignored your instructions. At the next MAKS-2015 I again went up to you. Thank you for that, seeing the high guests from Iran and Jordan, taking the time to me. But the head of the "Rostec" never found it impossible for me to take, ignoring the Presidential Decree "On the Status of Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation", to which I shall immediately take any official and public employee. If instructions, orders, decrees of the President perform so, the question arises - how to be a hero of the country? I can say on my own behalf, officials come and go, but the Homeland Heroes remain in people's memory. I gave MAKS 25 years, creating it in an open field, without spending a penny from the state treasury. Colleagues and associates in 1992, I said, what we will be in 10 years - and the dream was realized.

MAX has a primarily military-patriotic significance, and only secondarily - commercial. MAX can not be controlled by commercial organizations. And even if the MAX suddenly becomes unprofitable, then hold it still necessary, as this event - the face of Russia, demonstrating the great power, technological, military and scientific capacity and the country's sovereignty. Which we have, despite the hopes of the international partners.


Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

I look forward to your will, the will of the vast Russian President.

Please help and offer for your consideration the vision to solve this problem:

- Annul point 1, subparagraph "B" of the Presidential Decree of №217 20.02.2008;

- To transfer state-owned shares package 50% profile Corporation KLA, which includes LII. MM Gromov, the founder of the first MAX;

- Enter the MAX to the Presidential decree of the Russian President the program and determine once and for all its venue Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, the territory LII. MM Gromova.


Purpose: MAX maintain and enhance its political role in the country and in the international arena as an event, held under the auspices of the President of the Russian Federation.

MO Tallboy, Hero of Russia, Honored Test Pilot, Honorable President of MAX

Contacting support:

GV NovozhilovDesigner General, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences;

GM Grechko., Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Soviet cosmonaut;

Savitskaya S.E., Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Soviet cosmonaut;

AV Rutskoi. Hero of the Soviet Union, Honored Military Pilot of the USSR, Major General Aviation;

Severin VG., The Hero of Russia, deputy State Duma, the RF Honored Test ejection systems

Materials: newspaper "Arguments of the Week"



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