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JSC Moscow Helicopter Plant named after ML Mil


Moscow Helicopter Plant named after ML Mil - Aviation Enterprise Group "Helicopters of Russia", which is located in the Moscow region, Lyubertsy district urban-type settlement Tomilino, engaged in the development and operation of a pilot helicopters.

Established plant was chief designer Mikhail Mil in 1947 year. It includes experimental design bureau, experimental research complex, pilot production, and Flight-testing base.


The management and owners

  • Management Organization - Open Joint Stock Company "Russian Helicopters".

  • Executive Director - Michael Z. Karatkevich.

  • Acting General Designer - Pavlenko Nikolai Serafimovich.

  • General Designer - Samusenko Alex Gavriilovich;

  • The main shareholder of the plant - the concern of OPK "Oboronprom" owns 80,71 percent stake

  • The second place in the number of shares owned by Sikorsky (United States) 9,38 percent.

Mil Design Bureau, or as it is also called, "Moscow helicopter plant them. ML Mile ", was founded and is located in the town of Tomilino, nowadays it Lyubertsy district of Moscow. This company from the beginning of its existence, engaged in the development and manufacture of helicopters. Michael Miles was chief designer of the enterprise, which was established in the early 1947 years. The entire plant had several departments, namely: plant development and pilot production, experimental complex with leading researchers and flight base with experienced testers. In the entire history of the company in the enterprise worked many famous designers and developers from around the world.

At the moment it is a company 80% owned by the Russian Corporation "Oboronprom" and the remaining shares are held by well-known American helicopter company Sikorsky.


The main activities of the company Mile:

  • The company is engaged in heavy machinery on the territory of our state.

  • Provides production for aerospace, helicopters and aircraft industries.

  • Carry out repairs, maintenance and service of aircraft and helicopter units, which are produced now.

  • Active promotion of all products carried this enterprise and search for wholesale buyers.


Features of the operation and development of the plant Mile

EDO was founded in the early 1947 years under the guidance of the brilliant Soviet designer Mikhail Mil, who was the chief designer and generator ideological enterprise. Almost all the products, which was developed at the plant, had the designation of "Mi" exception could be pilot projects or unfinished ideas. The most popular and famous have helicopters Mil designation Mi-8-17. Over the history of the factory has won great recognition and credibility of their products in almost all countries of the world, as more than one hundred countries in the world exploit the technique of the plant.


Since the plant is divided into a lot of shops with their own specialty, he has a lot of narrowly trained specialists. The plant consists of a large number of systems and departments that are part of the holding with the designation "Russian Helicopters". Also Mil, at the holding includes many more companies helicopter. The most famous of these is the Kamov design bureau. Mile plant is used as one of the most developed and advanced research centers on the development of multi-purpose helicopters. Here are held constant research of new developments in the helicopter industry.

Plant Mile actively pursuing various kinds of research and design of new models and projects, model making prototypes. Employees of the company monitor and manage the entire production and improvement of already existing models. Due to the development of science and technology all helicopters of the enterprise require modifications and improvements, thereby creating new versions. All this is done in order to create machines that are in demand in the global aviation market. In addition to development and production of new aircraft, employees of the plant are constantly carrying out technical support and repair of both civil and military helicopters of its own production.


According to the design office of all time it was created thirteen basic models of air units from the lightest and smallest to the superheavy. The most widespread in the production and the most popular in the world of steel helicopters Mi-2, Mi-6, Mi-8 and, of course, the Mi-24. They were made commercially for many years and have found application in many sectors of the economy. They are widely exploited in military operations during conflicts in hot spots around the world. On this basis, we developed a set of special devices for specific tasks.

Known is a multi-purpose Mi-38, which can be used as a passenger or transport. On this basis it was made Mi-26T and Mi-171. But still more popular in the world market are attack helicopters with powerful weapons. That is why at the moment continues improvement of military vehicles such as the "Night Stalker" model 28N Mi-Mi-35M. The latest development of the plant is a Mil Mi-28UB, which is intended for the education and training of young pilots.

All models of helicopters, developed by designers of the plant Mile, in today's time are made at factories in Ulan-Ude and Kazan, the company "Rostvertol". Factory production Mile is not the last step in the global helicopter industry, especially since the supply of these machines are made in almost all the continents of the world.

The most successful products Mil helicopter plant

In total, this company was able to create a variety of modifications 200 helicopters, which should serve in the military sphere and in the economy. Below we listed the most successful line of helicopters Mile in the historical aspect.


The first child of legendary designer has become a model helicopter Mi-1, which has been designed and manufactured in 1948 year. For the first time he broke away from the take-off site in the autumn of the same year. This machine was the first of all creatures Mile, which started to produce in large quantities.

The development of the second model, the designers have spent more than ten years, but eventually in 1961 was made Mi-2. Mainly this unit was to serve for the training of young pilots. It is also used as a sports car, which took part in various international competitions in air sports.

Mi-4 1952 was made in the summer of the year. This machine was produced in series in very large quantities. Actively its production can be explained by the fact that this machine could perform many functions.

At the beginning of the summer for the first time flew 1957 heavy Mi-6, designed to carry heavy loads and transport. This model laid the foundations of the Soviet heavy helicopter as had excellent flight characteristics and capacity for cars in its class.


In the history of Russia and the USSR helicopter the most popular and demanded a helicopter Mil designation Mi-8. There were manufactured 12 thousand of these devices to perform a large variety of tasks. This helicopter began to make at the end of the year 1961. Since this model is multi-purpose and very high quality, it has been applied in the national economy and in the military. A very large number of models and versions have been sold to other countries.

Designers have developed many non-standard helicopters, but not all of them were used for serial production. So, one of the most successful non-standard devices became amphibious helicopter with the designation Mi-14, it was made in the early 60-ies. It has become the largest amphibian of all manufactured in the world. Its advantage was the implementation of take-off and landing of water bodies, in addition, it could carry rather large loads.


Specially developed for construction-crane helicopter with the designation Mi-10K. Basically this unit is used for the installation and construction of buildings, it is quite qualitatively spent loading operations. Another was the brainchild of a helicopter in the Mile-12, 1967 it was made in the year. A special feature of this machine was the weight of the structure, he is rightly became the heaviest helicopter in the world in the history of the helicopter.

The most sought-after military helicopter Mil became a project called Mi-24. Due to the large number of weapons and excellent flight characteristics of this machine used in 50 the world for weapons. Serial production started in 1969 year. In 1977 was established for the helicopter landing, he also became the world's lifting helicopter in its class, it was the Mi-26.

The advantage of the company Mile can also be called a new model of the Mi-28N. It can carry out patrols day and night, with the mission to carry out impact. It first flew into the air in the autumn of 1996 years, and at this time is the primary attack helicopter in Russia. Also worth noting is the unit established in the year 2003, namely Mi-38. It is designed to perform a variety of functions and has high load-carrying capacity.



At the Moscow Helicopter Plant was built and designed over fifteen basis of model helicopters, which were issued in more than two hundred variations.

  "MVZ Mil name"- Moscow Region. RussiaE logo


The numbers:

Annual turnover in year 2010 2,638 billion rubles

Annual net income totaled 2010 921,7 million rubles

The number of employees as of the year amounted to 2012 2821 people.



  • 140070, Moscow region, Lyubertsy district, Tomilino village, street Garshina House 26 / 1

  • Telephone: + 7 495 669 70 54

  • Fax: + 7 498 553 80 02



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