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OAO Dolgoprudny Research and Production Enterprise
OAO Dolgoprudny Research and Production Enterprise

OAO Dolgoprudny Research and Production Enterprise


Today the company creates a tool for air defense, but was regarded as aircraft manufacturing plant to 1971 years. Created by the enterprise in the distant year 1931, at that time it was called "dirizhablestroy", respectively, is made only airships. In May 1932, the USSR receives three airship from Leningrad to Moscow, model-1, 2-B and B-3. Purpose was the most simple, educational and propaganda of the military actions and speech could not be. But the rate of factory workers did not fall down, and in the year 1932, 7 November flies over Red Square four blimp - it's in-1, 2-B, B-3 and 4-In.

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The turning point was the year 1936. That year, on the basis of "dirizhablestroy" set up factories №207, which specializes in the production of fighter aircraft and other equipment.
February 1940 years, decided to freeze the production of airships, and the place empty housing to open the following businesses: Chemical plant of thin organic synthesis, DKBA and the central upper-air observatory. The final disappearance of airships was the beginning of the war in 1940 year. From plant remains only the name, and his new staff began to produce the necessary equipment for the Great Patriotic War, namely: light aircraft, aircraft In-2, Tu, Su-2 and Pe-2, as well as night bombers for close combat Yak -6.

After the war, the plant begins to produce the first surface-to-air missile. Since 1966 years and over the next five years made airplanes, model AN-2M just released 506 machines. And 1960, the plant specializes in air defense. But it is worth noting that the first stratospheric balloon model "SS-Volga" was created by 1958 1960 year.

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In 1975, the company changed its name to "Dolgoprudnenskoye Machine-Building Production Association", and this name lasted until 1991 years. And next year, the company was divided into multiple shares, after which was called "Dolgoprudny Research and Production Enterprise".

Today the company produces controlled anti-aircraft medium-range missiles, only three out production model plus model SAM "Calm". SPDE is very important now for the Russian Federation and now the state is strategically. For this reason, the plant is always ready to produce equipment for the fighting.

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Contact Information:
Open Joint Stock Company "Dolgoprudny Research and Production Enterprise" OJSC ( "SPDE")
RђRґSЂRμSЃ: 141700, RњRѕSЃRєRѕRІSЃRєR SЏ RѕR ° ± R »R ° SЃS,SЊ, PI. P "RѕR" RіRѕRїSЂSѓRґRЅS <R№, RїR ". RЎRѕR RёRЅR ± °, Rґ.1


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