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Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant named after Chkalov Aircraft P.- W. organization based in the city of Novosibirsk.

At the moment it is one of the largest enterprises building the aircraft in the Russian Federation. Quite a large stake in the Novosibirsk Aviation Production Association, or rather 74,5 percent owned Joint Stock Company "Company" Sukhoi "." The remaining 25,5 percent of shares owned by Open Joint Stock Company "United Aircraft Corporation".

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31.07.1931 on the outskirts of Novosibirsk gornooborudovatelny factory was established, and the decision of the Council of Defence and Labour in 1936, the plant was given a completely new vector of development - aircraft construction. 4.11.937 in the factory and built a first-16 rose into the air. Then such famous brands while aircraft were built as the Yak-7, Yak-3, Yak-9.

In December 1939, the plant was named Valery Pavlovich Chkalov, Hero of the Soviet Union.

During the Great Patriotic War of factory shops and hangars flew every third built in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics fighter "Yak". During the war the plant produced almost a day to thirty-three aircraft (ie, for one day a regiment).

The plant in the postwar years produced jet-interceptor MiG-17, 15-MiG, Yak-28P, MiG-19. The company, formerly known as plant number 153 or NAE (Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant), began its close cooperation with the Sukhoi experimental design bureau and carried out with the end-50's production of fighter interceptor Su-11, 9-Su and Su-15.

Release Su-24 (front bomber with variable wing shape began to 1972 years and made modifications of the Su-24MR in subsequent years., Su-24M In a variation of the Su-24MK aircraft exported to some countries in Africa and the Middle East (Syria, Algeria , and so on.).

At the end of 1980-ies the company started production of a pilot series of multi-functional modern fourth generation aircraft - Su-27IB in the future, he was awarded the title of Su-32. This aircraft was designed in the experimental design bureau Sukhoi PO under the general designer Simonov MP and chief designer Martirosova RG. 18.12.1993, the first flight of an experimental series of Su-32.

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Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association to 1991 years begun to implementing the conversion program fabrication of modern civil aircraft. At the airport of Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association summer 1994, the first aircraft AN-38-100 began flights. It was developed by a team of OK Experimental Design Bureau Antonov and was intended to replace the obsolete An-28, An-2, A-410 and partially Yak-40 и An-24. The second flying prototype took to the air in December 1994 years. It is noteworthy that the name Antonov experimental design bureau was also created on the territory of the plant: here was designed by An-2 and here he made his first flights.

Novosibirsk aircraft manufacturers in 2005 year signed an agreement with the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation on the production of the Su-34 (attack aircraft). Continuous delivery of these aircraft the Air Forces of Russia began to 2006 years.

JSC "Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named after Chkalov VP" became part of the Open Joint Stock Company "Company" Sukhoi "" in accordance with the Presidential Order number 1252 from 26 2001 October, "On the establishment of the joint stock company" Aviation Holding Company "Sukhoi" " "and the Order of the Government of Russian Federation № 929ot December 29 2001," On measures for the creation of an open joint-stock company "Aviation holding company" Sukhoi "" in September 2003 years.

JSC "Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association named after Chkalov VP" ceased its activities in the face of a separate legal entity from January 1 2013, becoming a branch of Open Joint Stock Company "Company" Sukhoi ", and changed its name to the NAE (Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant named after VP Chkalov "

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current products

Civilian equipment

  • The development of plumage, F5 fuselage elements and F1 regional aircraft SSJ;
  • Manufacture of children's sledges (frame - steel with longitudinal wooden bars, painted in red and yellow colors).

Military equipment

  • Production of the Su-34 (-bomber fighter);
  • The modernization of the Su-24M (Sukhoi);
  • Crush participate in the program on creation of military aviation complex 5-generation.


Notable employees

At the factory before World War II he worked Garanin Alex - the future hero of the Soviet Union.

The successful operation of the plant and the development of the great contribution made Sluev Yegorov, passed a long way from the full-time employee (during WWII) until the chief engineer of the plant (at the time after voy).

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Awards and achievements of the plant


  • 02.07.1945 the plant named after Chkalov VP received the Order of Lenin for "timely and exemplary performance of government decrees on manufacturing during the war fighters."
  • The plant in 1971 was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor with the following statement, "... for the great contribution to the rapid implementation of the Eighth Five-Year Plan ..", "for the development of modern technology."
  • The plant in 1981 was awarded the Order of the October Revolution

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