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North American B-25 Mitchell. A photo. Characteristics.
North American B-25 Mitchell. A photo. Characteristics.

North American B-25 Mitchell. A photo. Characteristics.



A type: twin-engine medium bomber

Crew: four to six people

It came in response to a request for pre-war US Air Force twin-engine fighter-bomber from a company that had no experience of creating multi-engine aircraft, bombers, or machines with high performance.

The plane-25 «Mitchell» (Mitchell) distinguished himself during the fighting during World War II as the most universal plane. Created under the requirements of Circular 38-385 US Air Force prototype successfully passed flight tests, but the army has offered us, "North American" improve its design by requiring that future medium bomber had a bomb load 1809 kg, t. e. two times greater than previously estimated. The redesigned and a significantly increased final production aircraft received the designation NA-62. USAF were so impressed by what he saw on the drawing boards that 184 ordered aircraft (which should have received the designation in-25) before the construction of the aircraft.

Its name "Mitchell" was in honor of the plane free hunting bombers champion William "Billy" Mitchell. Bomber fought in the Pacific, on the European and Mediterranean theaters of war, not only in the ranks of the US Air Force and Navy and the US Marine Corps in the British, Dutch and Australian divisions. * By the end of the war veteran aircraft "Mitchell" was still in production, having experienced its competitors of the companies "Douglas" and "Martin", becoming the most fruitful American medium bomber of the war - was built 9889 aircraft. Its use different Air Force and 1950-ies ensured the preservation of a number of aircraft in-25, and around the world today in a state of airworthiness of the aircraft remained about 34.

Basic data


  • Length: 16,13 m
  • Wingspan: 20,6 m
  • Height: 4,98 m


  • BLANK: 8836 kg
  • Maximum take-off: 15 876 kg


Aircraft performance characteristics:

  • Maximum speed: 438 km / h
  • Range: 2173 km


Power point: two engines of "Wright» R-2600-9 «Cyclone" (onThe modification-25), R-2600-13 (modifications to B-25C / D) or R-2600-29 (modifications to B-25H / J and TB-25N)

Power: 3400 l. from. (2536 kW) engine R-2600-9 / -13 and 3700 l. from.(2760,2 kW) engine R-2600-29

Date of first flight:

  • January 1939 years


The surviving airworthy modifications:

  • RB-25, B-25C / D / H / J, TB / VB-25N and "Mitchell» Mk II / III


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