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Normandie-Niemen (1960).
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Normandie-Niemen (1960).

Normandie-Niemen (1960).


  • Country USSR, France.
  • Directed by Jean Drevil.
  • Starring: Mark Kass, Roland Ménard, Nikolai Lebedev, Vitaly Doronin Nikolay Rybnikov


The film, based on true events, tells the story of the heroism of the French pilots who fought during the Second World War on the side of the Soviet Union.



Different ways to run away from the Vichy regime, and at the call of General De Gaulle, joining the army "Fighting France" Normandy pilots autumn 1942 year are sent to the Soviet Union. Training Regiment formed involve severe weather conditions and poor knowledge of the Yak-1 fighters. Making annoying bugs at first, the French pilots still manage to tame the Soviet equipment. Taking a direct part in the Battle of Kursk, the Byelorussian operation, the liberation of East Prussia, regiment "Normandy" has earned honor and respect to the Supreme Command of the Soviet Union.



The entire film is permeated with the spirit of patriotism and heroic resistance of the French pilots ...


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